I never did fit in. But I'm not sad about it, make no mistake. Fitting in was never my top goal, but making it big was.

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Chapter 1.

Prologue: Hadlee.

        Mr. and Mrs. Rakestraw were on a date. Mrs. Rakestraw was 8 months pregnant with a baby girl named Hadlee. The couple didn't know it yet, but Hadlee was arriving sooner than expected.
        Mr. Rakestraw held the door open for Mrs. Rakestraw, being the gentleman he was raised to be. With his arm supporting the pregnant Mrs. Rakestraw, they made their way to their car.
        Just as Mr. Rakestraw opened the passenger door for his wife, her water broke. It all happened very fast, and Mr. Rakestraw was thrown into a panic. He had his wife in the passenger seat and sped down the road to the nearest hospital.
        They got her in, and she was sent into the room. It took nearly 7 hours for Hadlee to "arrive." The first thing Mr. Rakestraw saw of his new baby girl was her bright orange hair, and he knew from the moment he saw her blue eyes that he would love her more than anything in the world.
        They cleaned Hadlee off and got her into Mrs. Rakestraw's arms, who was a crying, sweaty mess. She cradled her new baby in her arms, exhausted but happy. All was right in the world.
        It was just Mr. and Mrs. Rakestraw and their newborn baby named Hadlee Carlie Rakestraw.
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