The Servants Betrayal and the Master's Return

The Servants Betrayal and the Master's Return

This is sequel two to she's known to kill for fun or just dos. If you have not read that one this one will not make any sense at all to you so plea's read that one, thank you. I hope you all like this one, I had a hard time making it.

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Chapter 1.
Lotin's new life

Lotin's new life

This is sequel two to she’s known to kill for fun or just dos.  If you have not read that one this one will not I mean will not make any sense at all to you so plea's read that one, thank you.

As Lotin walked inside the castle with the red haired girl every guard in the room surrounded her.  She’s with me; she is of no harm to any one now if you plea's I have work to do.  Lotin said plainly not rely caring as he looked over his shoulder back at the guards around the pore red haired girl.  After that the guards went back to there post and let them go.  When Lotin entered his office room that us to be Emi’s the red haired girl sat down on the couch by the book case in the room well Lotin sat at his desk.  

~5 years latter~

Every one around the castle is use to the red haired girl and knows her as Hana Mami (means Flower, Pearl).  Lotin is use to her as well but gets annoyed with her from time to time.  (Picks of there new out fits at the end ;)) What Lotin didn’t know was that Hana would secretly sneak out at night to visit Genjuu to see how he was doing and would return back to her room.  At the moment she was doing just that as she snuck around the forest looking for Genjuu and found him sitting in a tree near a pond that had a water fall at the top.  She slowly and quietly walked up to the tree he’s in be for she spook.  Long time no see Genjuu.  She said happily stopping to see what he would do then continued.  How’s every one doing back at the bias, I miss all of you and wont to go back but I owe Lotin my life.  She said sadly as she looked up at him then to the floor.  You can come back when ever you won’t, your just to stuck up in your roils that your letting him use you as his lab dog.  Genjuu said plainly then angrily as he looked from in front of him to her.  Hana looked at him angrily be for she spook to him.  My father tout me though's roils; they wore maid by our ancestors and must live by them as they did.  She said angrily looking at him with her arms cross over her chaste.  With in a blink of an eye Genjuu was behind her and trend her around ruffle.  

“And that’s why they wore all ways the vampire’s puppet!”  “They wore easy pray for them to manipulate like they did to you!”  He yelled angrily at her holding her arms tautly so she couldn’t levee.  Not all of them are bad Genjuu; Lotin is only trying to protect his Cained like we do from them.  Why do you hate them so much, they didn’t do any thing to you.  Hana said defending as she looked at him.  His face went from angry to furies as his eyes glow and bored into hers making her fell frighten.  As she looked at his glowing eyes she relised he was a vampire and struggled to get free.  “Did nothing, you call killing my father nothing Hana, he was all I had left of my family and she killed him mercilessly.  He said firstly in a deep chilling voice that maid a chill run through her body.  I…. I did……  She began to say but was cut off by Genjuu’s Firstly voice.  “Of cores you wouldn’t know, my fathers company covered up the incident and said he died of old age!” “When in truth Emi slit his had off after she drained him dry!” “You of all people should know the pain I go through every day sense she killed him, yet you obey them like a puppy lessening to its master!”  “You discus me, you don’t dissever the right to be a hunter so I’ll do our village a favor and get rid of you!”  He said angrily then discussed as he looked at her.  Hana struggled to get a way from him but couldn’t and could only watch as he opened his mouth to revel to sharp teeth.  As she watched his face get close to her she started to fell sleepy and didn’t relays she did.  

~Genjuu’s POV~

Be for his teeth even got to pears her skin he felt Hana’s body go limp in his arms and smirked at how easy it was to kill her as he sank his teeth into her skin.  Her blood tasted slightly sweet to him but as he continued it started to get sweeter tell it suddenly changed and maid his blood tern worm like summer braes.  Suddenly he relised the person he once held wasn’t there and instantly pulled a way to see none other then his master.  “What are you doing here, where did you come from, where’s Hana?”  He demanded as he looked at the green eyes that haunted him.  Don’t you dire use that voice to me, remember your place Genjuu.  Emi said plainly as she looked at his angry face be for continuing.  I’m here because you wore about to kill an innocent girl who has don nothing to you.   All this time she came to you at night and you try to kill her.  An old friend that’s bin be side you all thees years, you should show more respect to her and trait her like a sibling not a criminal.  She said plainly then maid her blood cause him pain.  If I find out your miss be heaving a gain I’ll punish you worser then that, now come here.  She said plainly then watched as he struggled with him self not wanting to go nearer her.  Once he was in front of her she touched his cheek gently and looked into his eyes.  I know your mad about me killing your father but I did it for a reason.  He kept it a secret from his company, from your mother, and even from you.  He was ashamed so he torched me for his own sin and now you’re trying to do the same to Hana.  If your mad at me tack it out on me no one ells Genjuu.  She said plainly not looking a way from his eyes that held hatred for her and what she did.  It pained her to know he hated her but forest it deep with in her self so she felt nothing.  Fin then, fight me tell I’m satisfied seeing your blood on my blade.  He said angrily be for he pushed a way from her and stood in a fighting stands in front of her.  

Emi looked at him plainly but agreed to his challenge and waited for him to strike first.  When he did, she easily dogged his soared and moved a way from him with speed he has yet to master.  You have a lot to learn Genjuu but I’ll levee that for you to do on your own.  She said plainly as she dogged more of his useless a tacks.  After a wail she got bored of the useless fight and didn’t move when he a tacked.  Genjuu thought his sword would go thought her stomach but for some reason his body stopped moving fowered an inch from the sword stabbing her.  He tried forcing him self to move fowered but his body wouldn’t budge.  You can’t kill me, even if you won’t to you cant.  She said plainly, and then moved his sword to the side as she moved close to him moving her hand down his sword to his hand.  She kissed his cheek as she moved his hand up so the sword pointed up word.  Now hold still and don’t move Genjuu or you’ll wind up hurting your self.  She said plainly be for she put her hand around the blade and squeezed so it would cut her.  Turning to look at Genjuu, she watched as his eyes turned bright from his best with in him self wanting what it saw hungrily.  I shell teach you three lessons right now so don’t for get them Genjuu.  One, you can’t kill me, two, you will all ways obey me, three, once you see my blood or I offer it to you, you will never decline.  

She said plainly as she watched him let his best control him.  What you need to learn is to control your hunger when you see blood other whys your going to kill a lot of people and even your be loved human Koemi.  She said as she watched him fight with him self but field and grabbed her bleeding hand licking the blood a way.  She felt sorry for him and wished she had never dun this to him.  Stop licking me.  Emi said be for she yanked the sword out of his hands and through it in a small river near them.  Letting it wash a way her blood from his sword.  Once she looked into his eyes she know his hunger wouldn’t go a way tell he had her blood.  Pushed her hair a way from her neck, she pulled his face close to it in offering.  Go a had, have some or you’ll stay hungry tell you do.  She said plainly waiting for him to stop fighting with him self.  Once he gave in he drank mouth full of her blood like a man dieing for water.  She lisoned as he gulped down her blood and felt him rape his arms around her holding her agents him.  As he heeled her she felt him shacking but know it was just his body felling relived from being given what it needed most.  Genjuu didn’t know that after a wail he’s going to need some of her blood but only every so often.  Once he had 12 gulps of her blood he stopped and huffed as he tried to even his berthing.  He looked down at her neck to see his bite marks disappear quickly and looked at her neck in shock.  Putting that thought a said he moved a way from her to get his sword.  Well he was busy doing that Emi hide in a tree.  Remember to feed Genjuu or you will wind up killing the people you love most in this world.  She said plainly be for she left and went back to her castle.  Once there she laid down in Hana’s bed and sealed her self back inside her letting Hana tack control.  

~Hana’s POV~

She woke up suddenly from her dream from some one slamming her room door open and jumped up to see Lotin.  He looked around the room frantically as if he was looking for something special to him.  What’s the big idea come into my room in such a way Lotin?  She asked angrily as she got out of her bed and walked up to him.  He looked her up and down even sniffed her like a dog.  You smell like Emi, “Where is she, where you hiding her?”  He yelled fear sly with such anger she swore she herd his voice go deep like Genjuu’s did when he got mad at her but his was bone chilling.
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