Crying Blood Sapphire

Crying Blood Sapphire

Nyeh. Random Steven Universe/Creepypasta shit story that popped into my head one night that I decided to write.

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(For the sake of the story the gems have blood and they can be physically damaged a bit before poofing)

Garnet was pacing around her room, screaming.
The words being screamed were coming from Ruby and Sapphire, her two parts.
Garnet started crying.
"Why, Sapphire?!" Ruby.
"I don't know! I-Its just-" Sapphire.
"Just what, Sapphire?! JUST WHAT?!"" Ruby.
Garnet split apart, the two smaller gems then landing on the floor.
Sapphire was crying. "I don't know, those thoughts are just in my head..." She whispered.
Ruby stood next to Sapphire, silent. She was angry. Not a normal angry, the Im-so-worried-about-you-that-Im-angry type of angry.
"Well, what do you think we should do about these... Thoughts?" Ruby said.
The room grew cold.
"I don't know," Sapphire spat, her teeth clenched.
Ruby leaned down to Sapphire, reaching out her hand to the blue gem's shoulder. "Hey-"
Sapphire slapped her hand away, standing up quickly.
She breathed heavily as the room grew colder by the moment and ice spikes starting growing from the walls.
"DONT TOUCH ME!" Sapphire shouted, breaking an ice spike from the wall and holding it tightly, as if it were a knife.
"Sapphire, w-what are you doing?!" Ruby cried, backing up slowly as Sapphire stepped towards her, the spike raised in the air.
Sapphire was silent, besides the few choked sobs that escaped her lips.
Ruby backed up into a wall, an icicle poking her back. Sapphire was a few mere inches from the red gem.
She had no where to run.
"Sapphire, stop this! What is wrong with you?!" Ruby yelled, holding, holding her hands put in defense.
Sapphire had tears pouring down her face.
"I can't stop," she whispered, sending the ice spike into Ruby's shoulder, the blood splattering onto her dress.
Ruby's eyes widen and she screamed. "Sapphire! Stop!"
"I can't, Ruby! This isn't me! I'm not doing this!" Sapphire cried, sending the spike through the red gem's stomach.
Ruby screamed, then poofed, her gem clattering to the floor.
Sapphire whimpered, clutching the ice spike and kneeling to the floor.
"I'm sorry Ruby," she whispered.
Sapphire struck Ruby's gem, breaking it to pieces.
Sapphire dropped the spike, her eye wide.
What have I done?
Sapphire picked up the gem shards with trembling hands, then held them close to her chest.
"WHAT HAVE I DONE?!" She wailed, tears streaming down her face and down over her lips, which them dropped into her mouth.
Sapphire gasped and touched her face, dropping the prices of her lover's gem.
She pulled her hands away from her face.
Her fingers and hands were covered in blood,. Sapphire was positive that it wasn't Ruby's.
I'm crying BLOOD?!
Sapphire screamed and picked up the ice spike in her left hand, and held out her right, staring coldly at her gem.
Only one way to end this madness.
She was about to slam the spike down on her own gem when the door opened and Pearl, Steven, and Amethyst rushed in.
"We heard screa- OH MY GOD!" Pearl shrieked, staring at the small, blood covered gem, who was about t to murder herself.
Sapphire glared at them, gripping the ice tightly.
"I'm sorry."
She ran toward the other gems, ice spike raised.
I didn't know I was doing it. It felt like I was being controlled.
Sapphire was crying her bloody tears, recounting the events from a few days ago.
She killed her lover and the other gems. And she didn't even know she did until they were dead.
She spit out blood that had fallen into her mouth, holding her friend's gem shards in her hands.
I'm sorry.
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Lovely story!
thanks :>
on September 26, 2015
on September 25, 2015
Niiice :3
I think (always have, always will) it sucks.
It is way better :/
on September 25, 2015
on September 25, 2015
It's better than my creepypasta :/
on September 25, 2015
on September 25, 2015
on September 25, 2015
Please dont kill me because of this.
on September 25, 2015