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Qfeast Dictionary

The meanings of words/phrases exclusive to Qfeast for new people on Qfeast. Not in alphabetical order.

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Chapter 1.


n. the website all Qfeasters are on. "Want to go on Qfeast?"
n. the Qfeast administrator. "I hate Qfeast's new updates!"
v. going on Qfeast "Do you Qfeast during breaks?"
n. the users of Qfeast. "Most Qfeasters like candy."
abbr. Qfeaster of the Day "I'm a QOTD!"
v. going on Qfeast "I saw you Qfeasting yesterday."
Thumbs Up
n. the thumbs up symbol at the bottom of a post, notably similar to Facebook's like "The new update introduced the Thumbs Up."
v. to click on the Thumbs Up symbol, meaning agree "If you remember Skyheart3D thumbs up this post"
Thumbs Down
n. the thumbs down symbol at the bottom of a post; opposite the thumbs up "The new update also introduced the thumbs down."
v. to click the Thumbs Down symbol, meaning disagree "Only thumbs down if you really disagree, not just to be mean."
n. a Qfeaster can choose to rate 1-5 stars on a quiz or story. "Please 5 stars Qfeast Dictionary."
v. to choose a number of stars based on your opinion of the quiz or story.
v. to request the deletion of someone else's account because of something bad they did. "Report people who spam."
n. when someone comments in your posts you get a notification "I got so many notifications from spammers -_-"
Notification Sound
n. the annoying sound that means you have a notification "I'm muting my computer to stop that annoying notification sound."
n. Qfeast's private message system "I have 13 conversations"
abbr. private message "Send me a pm"
n. time of day after noon "It's 8:57 pm right now"
News Feed
n. the section of Qfeast where you can see your friends' posts "check your news feed for the next Qfeast Dictionary update"
Saved Links
n. links for easy access "Save Qfeast Dictionary to your saved links to reach it easily"
What's Hot/Trending Bar
n. the bar at the top of Qfeast that shows popular quizzes, polls, stories, questions, etc. "I hope Qfeast Dictionary is on the trending bar"
n. the main part of qfeast, can be personality or scored "I might make a quiz about Qfeast Dictionary"
v. the act of creating a quiz "I might quiz you on Qfeast Dictionary definitions"
n. a novel or project book "Qfeast Dictionary is a project story"
n. a one-question opinion poll "Do you like Qfeast Dictionary? would be a good poll"
v. the act of creating a poll "I will poll you on the topic of Qfeast Dictionary"
n. a general knowledge question "When was the Pueblo Revolt?"
v. the act of making a question "my history teacher will question me on the Pueblo Revolt"
n. an interest page or club "Rainbow Dash Fanclub"
abbr. frequently asked questions "Check the FAQ for questions before asking qfeast"
symb. tag symbol used for indicating a specific user "@Fearless made Qfeast Dictionary"
txt abbr. at "meet me @ mcdonalds"
n. your profile "check out my wall for new Qfeast Dictionary updates"
Bio/About Me
n. the section of your profile that you can enter custom text into. "my bio has my twitter name"
abbr. Qfeast "I'm on QF right now"
Page Post
n. a post to a page, the same as a wall post, but shows on the page instead of your wall "I made a page post on Qfeast Monthly Page"
Wall Post
n. a post to your wall "My wall post may contain bad words if I'm angry"
n. different from About Me, your about section has information like your birthday, "real" name, and location. "My about says when I joined Qfeast."
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Comments (2)

five ★
on November 07, 2014
Lol, "PM". The second definition. xD
on November 07, 2014