I like DreamWasTaken and GeorgeNotFound and since Dream keeps Simping George I think it's time to make a DreamNotFound fan-fic.

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Chapter 1.

First met

One day Dream was playing Minecraft with SapNap and they were playing bed wars and there was this other person on their team called GeorgNotFound. While playing the game Dream decided to invite George to their Discord to chat with him. Soon after a couple of rounds of PvP with each other, they all became friends. After a few months, they all decided to do a Manhunt on Dream. Dream was very skilled in Minecraft and knows how to parkour on wooden boats on...LAVA! There were many problems and solutions that happened during this Manhunt be still in the end dream won and defeated the Ender Dragon. It was a two hunter vs one speedrunner and he still won with two hunters. A couple of months after the first Manhunt the Dream Team (That’s what Dream, SapNap, and George are called now) Met BadBoyHalo.
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