Dreamworld (Lisa's Story)

Dreamworld (Lisa's Story)

For Him (Lisa's Stroy) Dreamworld series In a world people are frozen and their minds are stuck in a virtual world. The story follows a Girl named Lisa, She is Inspired by a certain someone who dreams to prove his worth to the world. and her Dream is to become his equal and Fight as by his side (This is my personal series, not another if theirs any other Dreamworlds out there) Also I don't own the cover image.

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Chapter 1.


I ran thru the Market Place Holding the basket of supplies I thought Cost would need on his trip, Hoping I didn't miss him.
He always got lost in the this forest villiage despite living here his whole life.
"He's leaving Today! I've gotta Hurry!" I thought out loud "I wish I had wings..."
I saw the church up ahead with the Team Omega Truck in the front.
I'm not too late, I can still make it. I was so happy as I ran towards there.
Once I got inside, Father Daniel grabbed me away from the Mercenaries.
"Leave and Never return to this holy Place Heathens" He shook his fist.
"Cost!" I called out he turned to me but the Large man in DragonSteel armour grabbed his arm and said "Kid we need to go"
"Yes sir" Cost replied sheepishly
"Cost!" I called out again I tried to run after him Father Daniel tightened his Grip.
"Listen Lisa, we cannot be associated with the likes of them"
"Cost is My friend!" I argued
"I know, but think of the churchs reputation. and If the Holy Knights hear we have connections to the likes of them, They will destroy this town and Team Omega you don't want that do you?" he said peursuading me to stay
I turned to see Cost leave on the Vehical without getting the chance to say goodbye.
Tears suddenly filled my eyes as I ran to our empty room which was now only mine with both Cost and Alan gone...I was Alone.
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Cool story
on January 06