Asylum: With Reatards

Asylum: With Reatards

This is a satire of the Narnians in Asylum. Asylum is a very good Hetalia fanfic that actually made me cry several times.

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Into Hell

The clouds hung low in the sky as I glanced out of the window in the car. They​ were a dreary grey and looked as if they would start heaving out rain any second.
I look beside me and see Skylar leaning against the window, presumably asleep. The car shakes with a jolt as we turn a sharp corner into a fenced in courtyard. I gaze up at the massive decent looking building before me. "Bitterwell Asylum...", I mumble to myself as I read the weathered sign above the door. I jump when a gaurd suddenly opens my door and drags me out roughly by my shoulder. "Hey watch yourself, motherfruker.", I snap at him as he pulls me a little to harshly towards the entrance.
I hear a shriek and glance behind me as I see Skylar fall out of the car and be awoke from her sleep. One rule about Sky is to never wake her up under any circumstances. She will bite, kick, and/or kill you if you interrupt her sleep. Skylar looks at the guard with a glare and starts cussing him out as he grabs her by her arm firmly and drags her to the entrance next to me. I see a nun exit the building and greet us. She has brunette hair and tan skin. Her eyes are a beautiful shade of brown. "Hello.", She greets us while waving slightly, "My name is sister Michelle." She then turns to the guards and tells them that will be all and the finally let go of my shoulders. The gaurd holding Skylar hands Michelle two files with our names on them. I turn towards the guard and glare at him as I rub my shoulders, but before I can say anything to him, Michelle tells us to follow her into the asylum. Skylar and I regrettably walk behind Michelle into the depths of hell. We walk inside the main entrance hall and I can see doctors and patients moving about. Some of the patients are pacing while others are rocking back and forth on the ground while whispering to themselves.
I gaze around the entrance and see a massive angel statue in the center of the room. "Ew... Religion.", I say disappointed that this is a religion based asylum. I glance at Skylar and I can see that she is not very content on staying in this asylum.
When a path to the door is clear she makes a run for it and I laugh as guards immediately apprehend her. The guard has her in a headlock and he's lifting her off the ground. She suddenly clamps her teeth onto him and he yowls in pain as I start to see blood seeping from the wound. The other guards peels Skylar off of him and they pin her to the ground. "Looks like homosexuality isn't the only reason she's here.", a voice says behind me. I turn and see a man in a lab coat with dirty blond hair and baby blue eyes behind his glasses. Michelle looks toward the man and asks, "Doctor Alfred, what should we do with her?" The man, Alfred pushes up his glasses and responds, "Lock her up in solitary confinement. She obviously is a danger to others in this asylum. Give her straight jacket as well, we don't need her harming herself after she just arrived." A nun standing by quickly rushes to a nearby closet and grabs a straight jacket for Skylar and the guards quickly put it on her. "You guys are fücking rude!" Skylar yells at Alfred. Before she does anything to get her into more trouble I grab onto her arm and guide her up the stairs where sister Michelle continues to lead us. "Hello, Father Francis, I brought the two new patients for an overview. Things ran pretty smooth until Skylar bit one of the guards. Alfred suggested we lock her in solitary with a straight jacket.", Michelle said as we enter an office.
Francis eyes Skylar and I as he receives the files from Michelle then responded, "If she attacked a gaurd, then yes, she should be locked in solitary until Alfred deems her safe." Michelle nods and motions for us to follow her. "Officer Beilschmidt, can you take Skylar up to solitary while I take Alex to her room.", Michelle says to a nearby officer before she grabs me by the arm gently and leads me down a hallway. "This is Women's Block D. For the non-lethal patients.", Michelle tells me as we stop in front of a room that's presumably mine. I glance around the room cautiously. There's a single lightbulb hanging from the ceiling, occasionally flickering as if it's about to blow out. A bed is pushed into the far corner. It looks extremely uncomfortable with it's cheap wire frame and worn looking mattress. The blanket on the bed was thin and had holes in it and is accompanied with a flat pillow with a pink case on it.
Above the bed is a rosary attached to the plain concrete walls and next to that is a small window blocked with iron bars and small pink curtains. "Since you are considered nonviolent you are allowed to go to the common room and work in the kitchen. Make sure you behave so you can keep these privileges. Now, I'll leave you to get settled.", Michelle says before she leaves me alone in my new surroundings.
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