the quiet one

the quiet one

It tells about quiet person who is quite nobody understands her except her friends in another world

published on April 04, 20147 reads 6 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.
chapter one the quiet girl goes to another world

chapter one the quiet girl goes to another world

As Maria walked quickly to her classroom With her bear wiki she sat down in her seat she was in kindergarten when it started to rain heavily. Tessy a boy who bothers the living hell out of Maria but she keeps her cool let him go on and the Amy a girl who is maria best friend asked why was she so quiet maria sailed that she wouldn't understand if she told her what she was thinking . Mrs.Marten told the kids to gather around for story time today's story is the three ghetto pig YAY! shouted the kids maria her self enjoyed them Mrs. Marten said started to read the story once a upon a time three were three ghetto pigs one pig built his house out of sticks the wolf  was drunk and said bacon let me in so I can eat your fat ass the pig said screw you drunk bastered so the wolf got a flamethrower and burnt the pigs house so the pig ran to his brothers house which whas made out of straw the drunk wolf said let me in little pigs I have a nice firing pan with your name on it the  pigs so not in your dreams you drunk bastered so the wolf had to sneeze so blow the house down one pigs said dam trying blown down the whole forest before he could answer the pigs ran to three older brother who was smart than his dumbass brothers who built his house out of bricks un like his brothers house whhitch was made out of sticks and straw anyway the said let me so I can make the three of you for breakfast the wolf did not here anything but the three ghetto pigs was behind him with a bat a sword and a shotgun they said surprise and beat cut shot the shit out of him and they removed the bullets and make the wolf into wolfstu the end didn't you kids like that yes they all said maria went to color
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