Pink Pencil

Pink Pencil

This is for The Pink Pencil! Go to my Wall and You'll see the Questions an Answers go see Pink Pencil Question!

published on March 29, 201416 reads 12 readers 1 completed
Chapter 1.

Pink's life

Hi I'm Pink I was born And my parent's named me Pink! I grew up to a Farm an when I was little I Colored Pink chickens, I have a Pink Pencil It's my Buddy! I love It so much but one day Mommy and Daddy said No! No Pink Pencil They said I was going to Kindergarten? I think that's a word for Pinker garden! But one day, Mommy and Daddy drove me to a Place called "Carpool Elementary School" I thought that was a Place for Pink Shows, BUT IT WASN'T I was so mad I told Mommy and Daddy to get me Home! But they left me! Literally! LEFT ME There so Confused an Alone "Fine" I said mad and Frustrated "I Will walk MYSELF home!" But then a boy named Red bumped Into me "Hi!" Red said "Hi...." I said nervous cause of His RED Fired hair!
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Comments (1)

Hilarious It only was 2 Chapters!
on March 29, 2014