A roses petal...

A roses petal...

rose learned to share silver with gina and bailey bailey quit..and gave in to loki....but one day rose broke...after seeing how silver was with gina...she finally learned the truth...silver loved gina more... so will she find a way? or will she give up for another?

published on March 25, 201432 reads 14 readers 4 not completed
Chapter 1.
the escaping tears.

the escaping tears.

one day rose walked into her bedroom where silver and gina also slept... one day rose saw silver and gina.... they went too far in the romance.... and..rose was sad... as she heard the words come out of silvers mouth "it was never true i never loved rose as much  as you... i will always love you more then i ever will her..." after rose heard from outside the door she ran crying tears....she was on the balcony staring out into the sky staring at the clouds.and the blueness of the sky alexis walked into the balcony after seeing and hearing roses tears... alexis walked and put her hand on roses shoulder and asked. "whats wrong rose?" rose was so teared up she could hardly even talk alexis couldnt make out what she was saying out of massive breathes too and her gasping as her eyes were sparkling and tears were coming out of her eyes by threes fasterthen a cheeta they were going down her from head to toe. alexis knew that something was REALLY REAAALLY wrong because she hasnt cryed that much ever since her grandmother passed away rose finally calmed down and told alexis what was wrong she said "i heard silver tell gina he always loved her way more then he ever did me.." alexis gasped in shock and said "rose..you gotta be kidding silver would NEVER say such a thing" rose said "its true... i cant live like this anymore" she jumped off the balcony alexis's eyes widened and she gasped knowing rose was trying to comit suicide so she spreaded her hedgebat wings and picked her up and flew her back on the balcony before she hit the ground alexis yelled at the crying rose "what is wrong with you!? if your that sad...then..talk to him and maybe-" before alexis finished her sentence rose screamed "NO! i hate him i regret ever liking him i-i wish he was never my friend.. or my true love...for he was never a true love of mine..." alexis gasped and she said "rose....dont be like this you will get over it he was probably joking" then silver walked into the room acting like he never said a single word about anything and asked rose "rosey? you alright?" and after he put his hand on her shoulder she quickly turned around..and bit his hand really hard aand silver screamed in pain "OW!!!!!" and then said angrily rubbing is bleeding fist "WHATS WRONG WITH YOU!? YOU MANIAC!" she grabbed silver and threw him off the balcony and as usual alexis saved another life and grabbed silver before he hit the ground and then alexis said "ok theres defiently something wrong with you rose.." but then something had happend that they never imagined before... -END to be continued
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If you find the square you'll have good luck for a day.
Find the o and your crush will realize they love you.
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on January 27, 2016
this made me cry so i went in another room im luky right now i am crazy not sad not angry insane though
on October 22, 2015
This actually made me cry.....
on May 26, 2014
Bailey: oh no... that's why I quit *face palm*
on March 25, 2014