How To Train Your Dragon: Toothless' Adventure

This is a story of Toothless the Night Fury's adventure through the woods. What will happen to him? Read to find out!

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Chapter 1.

Meet Toothless

Meet Toothless, a Night Fury. Night Furies are black, rare dragons that camouflage well in the night sky. they are fast, and never miss. this is the story of a Night Fury named Toothless. He did have teeth, but he could retract them.
Toothless woke up in his cave, stretched, then went outside. The beautiful sunrise was highlighting Toothless' face with the bright light from the sun. The fish in the lake 5 feet in front of his cave entry where jumping in and out of the water, and they looked like rabbits hopping in the blue sea. The lake was kind of small, but big enough for Toothless to fish in. He would bend over the edge, wait until he saw a fish... and then... BAM! He would strike his paw quickly into the water, his claws piercing the fish that he was aiming for. Once caught, the fish would go into a pile next to Toothless. He would also fly into the air, and diving at the lake, like a black blob hurdling through the sky. He would pull up as soon as he reached the lake, either poking his paws into the water, catching fish, or sticking his head in there with his mouth wide open. He would catch the fish in his mouth, and eat them. Sometimes, Toothless would just wait and wait until a fish jumped out, and he would snatch it with his paw or mouth. But that morning, Toothless wasn't hungry like always. He wasn't thirsty, either. He just wanted to go flying. Flying is what he loved, and what he did daily. He bent down the front of his body, looking like a cat getting ready to pounce, and pushed his wings up, getting ready to push them back fiercely, bursting into the air. And that's just what he did. As he went in the air, he began to spin and spin and spin, his tongue sticking out in the progress. He came to an immediate halt, and wobbled around in the air, dizzily. The dragon took a minute to stop wobbling, and was no longer dizzy. He looked down, and had an extreme look in his face, and burst down, diving and diving until he was 1 foot away from the ground. He immediately halted again, but right away speeding back up, then diving once more. He went through the process 3 times, then took off super high in the air, about 4 feet under the clouds, flipped around, having his back facing the ground. Toothless fell with his back facing the ground. Looking over his shoulder, he made sure he wasn't to close to the ground. To his surprise, he was above his cave, and he waited and waited... the he flipped around and got right-side up, and took off into the sky. He found a place in the sea that was right by his home, and it had huge pointy rocks sticking out of it. HE decided to go through, dodging each and every rock at his highest speed. But then, he didn't see the wall in front of him, he didn't realize the shore was so high up, like a mountain. He quickly dodged it, turning right and back home.
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