We Got Screwed Over By A Kidnapper

We Got Screwed Over By A Kidnapper

An unimportant, insignificant group of various characters are kidnapped by a guy with a cupcake obsession.

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Chapter 1.


It was cold and it was dark and it was wet.
Those were the three things River had established as she was being dragged down a hallway, drowsy and limp, having been drugged just hours before. Whoever was pulling her had no sense of respect for anyone or anything, seeing as she had, like, nine splinters from being dragged up and down stairs. She wasn't sure whether she respected this person's idiocracy or not. Probably not. Especially not when he opened a door, literally throwing her down the steps. That was not very polite of him.

As she was thrown, she'd made a slight squealing noise. A horrifying sound, to be frank. It caused another captive, a long-legged, assumably tall boy with a mole under his eye, to look up. But that was the only reaction she got. She sat up on her knees feeling gross and woozy. She looked around the room, and, suddenly, her blood ran cold. Why was HE here? She was always trying to get away from him, and here he was, kidnapped alongside her. This was not okay.

Their kidnapper stood at the top of the steps, hands on his hips. "Now you listen up, cupcakes! If any of you pansies try to leave, you're dead! Got that?" He stared straight at River, the only one who looked physically able to throw a punch and not miss by eight feet. She nodded, but even that took a lot of energy. The kidnapper had foul judgment. "And don't even think about testing me! This house is a free-roam death trap! Y'all got that?" This time, there was a collective groan.

And then he left. The above-mentioned "HE" was the first to speak. "Well, this is gr- hi, River!" His bright red eyes lit up as he grinned.
River simply nodded at him, rolling her eyes. She had to get out of here.
The tall boy spoke next. "Any ideas on why we're here?" He had a heavy accent; something European. Probably Scottish or British.
River simply shook her head.
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