Awaken ( read description)

Awaken ( read description)

This is awaken . An album of songs I made there a bit messed up but yea Awaken Mistakes,Running out,and Yin & Yang arere songs I already made

published on January 02, 201710 reads 8 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.

Awaken Mistakes

Time is done
Sun has fallen
The moon no longer shines ( shiieiins )
The mystery's awake . Looking for a mistake
They been asleep for too long . To see their fate

Deep underground they layed
Awaken they have
They look for mistakes to fix
As they grow Stronger
The mistakes lessen

Awaken they have
Looking for mistakes to fix
The problems worseeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeen
The mistakes they made before
Trouble their mind

Laying awake at night
Thinking where they went so wrong
How did I get here
Where did I gooooooooo
They cry out

Awake they are
Mistakes they try to fix
No matter how hard they try
They all ways leave a mark

Their bruised for falling
Their cut for running
Their never resting
They stay awake
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