My Bear is Gray

My Bear is Gray

Here is some Haydrian fluff. It's really cute. Hayden slips into his phase again. Oh no.

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"What are you doing?"

Adrian woke up in the guest bedroom. It had been a long night last night. And he smiled at the thought of it. He and Hayden had played board games until midight, and it was now almost noon. Adrian got out of the fluffy bed, and pulled his sweater on. He decided to attempt to make cereal for both him, and Hayden. Though, Hayden would probably be asleep for a while longer, so he should probably wait. Adrian moved slowly into the kitchen, and got a sugar cube. He glared at the apple, wanting to eat it because it tasted good. "Stupid poison shiz..." He hissed, and made his way into the living room. There was board game pieces everywhere, so he began cleaning.

An hour or two later, Adrian was sitting on the couch, playing video games. He heard Hayden make his way into the kitchen, and got up. "Hayden,.. I was gonna make you cereal, but you were sleeping." He called, grumbling. When he entered the kitchen, he stopped, walked out, and walked back in. "Holy, shit... What, the hell,,, did you do to your hair!?" He half-screeched. Hayden shrugged.
"My soul is grey, so my hair is black." he huffed, seemingly annoyed. Adrian walked over, and pulled him down to the floor.
"No. You are Hayden, the happy, wonderful, gay boy. And not, EMO! That's my job. So tell me what the hell is wrong and how I fix it?!" Adrian was purely concerned, and scared. This wasn't like Hayden. He wouldn't have been surprised if he had been in a dress and wig. But this was different. Hayden shook his head, and pushed Adrian off of him gently.
"Just leave it alone, Adrian." He growled. Adrian felt hurt. He hadn't used one of his candy nicknames. Why hadn't he? Had Adrian done something wrong? They had just been paying Candy Land, last night. So why was he upset? What was wrong? He was concerned, and determined to fix this. He wouldn't lose anyone else he loved, even if this was just a phase.
"No. Hayden.... I care about you! What's wrong?"
"Nothing!" he lied, and stormed out of the room. Adrian sighed, and searched for candy. It could be anything, from guilt, to something stupid.


Adrian came up to Haydens room, and noticed the large lump in the bear pile. He walked over, and set the bag of candy, and the six pack of Grape Faygo, down. "I brought you lunch." He spoke softly.
"I don't want it." Hayden protested from underneath the pile. Adrian sighed, and burrowed down with him.
"Hi." He whispered, staring at Hayden. Who, in return, just turned away. "C'mon. WHat's wrong? You can't stay silent forever." Adrian wrapped his arms around Hayden, who pushed him away. Hayden said nothing. "Hayden Birdsong. I love you so much. And that's special. You, are special. And I really care about you. So, what's going on?"
"Fine.." Hayden grumbled. "My Grey bear, got a purple stain on it." He said, breaking into tears. Adrian looked at him blankly, took a deep breathe, and got up.
"I..... I love you, but you are too much. Now... I'll be back. When I'm back... We will... get that stain out." Adrian said, holding back disappointed laughter.

They ended up getting the stain out, and Hayden was okay again. Though he was still a pouty "Emo", For a while longer. which Adrian found hilarious. But, everything went back to normal, after a week. And there was only one pouty emo in the house. And that is the end.

This was a story about two gay babies that Andrew and I are in love with. And I hope you enjoyed this story.
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