Harry Potter Club Ideas!

Harry Potter Club Ideas!

I'm doing a Harry Potter club to get my friends to like Harry Potter. Please tell me if you have any ideas.

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Chapter 1.

Meeting times/stuff

I guess this part is pretty boring, but it's one of the first things to plan out!
How often: I'm making my club meet once a month.
How long: It's gonna depend on the meeting. But the first meeting is gonna be a sleepover, so I'm having people come at 4:30.
Guest List: You need to pick a reasonable amount of people to come. If you want to have sleepovers, think "How many people can I fit in the room we'd sleep in? And how many of these people would actually sleep over?". And consider the AGE of the people you invite. The first few Harry Potter movies are PG, but most of them are PG-13.
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Hi! Maybe for the maze you guys could go to a corn maze or something while no one's around, and hide a trophy in the middle of the maze, then, have the person scream their name or house really loud and then once you guys hear it, you exit the maze and you can award 'House points' to their house! Good luck!
on March 01, 2014