One Decision

One Decision

WARNING–BTS JIKOOK FANFICTION. CONTAINS SWEARING. MAY CONTAIN SMUT. When a group of people genetically altered escape a government building, Jimin needs to make one decision that will change his life. Should he stay alive and leave...or should he protect the helpless boy that may be one of them?

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Chapter 1.


        '''“Don’t leave me, Oppa!”
        “Oppa! Please!”
        Jimin wakes up with a start, gasping.
        The young boy next to him turns on his side, moaning. “Five more minutes.”
        Jimin gently gets up and slowly opens the tent, careful not to wake up the rest. He walks outside, but remembers something and turns back. He walks back out now armed with a rifle and his combat knife.
        Armed with something else, too.
        He fingers the bracelet in his pocket.
        He walks a little ways away from the camp. He can always go back.
        Something snaps behind him, and he turns.
        He knew it. He knew this was a bad place.
        But of course, no one listens to him.
        The brush to his left shakes, and he aims his rifle at it and turns on the light embedded in the rifle. “Show yourself!” he shouts. He is not afraid. Why should he be?
        Slowly, a bloody hand moves into the light. Then another. The woman heaves herself closer to Jimin, then collapses face down.
        Everything in his mind screams trap, but this isn’t right. Something about this woman seems a lot like–
        “What’s in your hand?”
        The woman groans. “Help me. Please, please help me.”
        Jimin repeats his question. “What is in your hand?”
        “Please…” the woman slowly pulls herself up to her knees, but Jimin isn’t able to see her face. “It’s only–”
        “Show me what’s in your hand!”
        The woman sighs. “Fine.” Then, faster than Jimin can see, she lifts her hand up and fires the gun.
        It barely misses his shoulder. But Jimin is ready. He slams his foot on her chest, pushing her down on her back. He hears a crack. But he doesn’t care. The woman is going to die.
        “How many more?” he hisses. Because they’re never alone. There were usually five others.
        She grins, her mouth filling with blood. “Ten,” she spits. “You’re a long way from the camp…”
Jimin curses, then doesn’t hesitate. He puts his gun to her head and pulls the trigger. How many had he killed? The same number that attacked him. He doesn’t get sick anymore. He has changed.
        He runs back to the camp in time to see the other ten dressed in green dragging out the people in his camp. They shove them down so hard they’re stunned, but one boy, the younger boy he sleeps with, fights back, punching one of the Greens in the face. Two more rush behind him and pull his hands behind his back. He starts screaming but one of the Greens puts her hand over his mouth.
        Jimin sees all of this. He sees everything.
If he runs now, he can stay alive.
        But these people helped him so much…
        The Greens choose a girl first and drag her forward. She looks dazed; they slammed her into a rock. One of them pulls out his silver gun just as she regains consciousness. She realizes what’s about to happen…but she isn’t afraid. No one’s afraid. Everyone who was afraid is dead now.
Except the boy.
        The boy was afraid when they found him. But he survived this long.
        The bang from the gun pulls Jimin back to the present, and he realizes what he needs to do.
        No hesitation. Absolutely none.
        He points the gun at the one holding the boy and shoots. Immediately he knows the shot is good. The Green drops, dead. The nine look to where the shot came from, but by then, Jimin had dropped two more. He reloads and runs, pursued by the other seven.
He spots a good tree and leaps towards it, barely grabbing on to the lowest branch and hauling himself up. An arc of pain shoots through his leg and he curses through his teeth. There would be pain. Of course there would.
        He was the best shot in the entire camp. Without pause, he loops one arm around the trunk and shoots another three. One of them is shot in the stomach; he screams, blindly firing around.
        Jimin now pauses, catching his breath. He hears his camp coming and smiles. One thing these Greens cannot do is hear well.
        But one of them opens his breast pocket and he frowns.
        Oh shit.
        “Run!” he screams. “Run!!”
        Then an explosion rocks the Earth and Jimin falls.
        Falls much farther than he wanted to.
        Falls into the deep dark unknown.
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