War and Peace.

War and Peace.

This is a story about a girl she is very beautiful she is in a fighting team called Jaillins she isn't in a war yet.Find out more by reading! By:Alexlean

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Chapter 2.


They sent me into a far away place it was kinda like a school but dark and scary I went to a room and opened the light a person named Jack he was about 20 was in their.He took me to a seat in that very big room it also had other rooms inside.I was kinda wondering what would be in that cage the first thought it my head would be a monster or maybe 45.I didnt know how they looked like but I was wondering what it would be.Jack opened the cage and the chair opened like a bed.I laid down on the chair.A creepy monster got a ax and broke my head.I woke up in the nurses room and she took she shot out.She said that these pills will repair my problem.I didn't trust her but I still took um.Jasmine hugged me as soon as she saw me in the room.She told me that it was okay and that I would have to move with her to a house with a school next to it.I asked my dad and good news he said yes I can move in by myself.I thought that I should at least be careful you don't know that Jasmine might think about I mean I think she has a murder record.I quickly thought that she was my friend and she wouldn't murder me.But I was wrong she woke me up with an ax about to cut my hand off!I thought that she was crazy but then it might be getting even with me for liking her boy friend.I got the ax and I cut her head open.I didn't mean to though so I just got her and gave her the shot to lose some of her memory and to come back alive I gave her the pills but then a few days passed and I got sent to jail.I met Katie who was the beast of jail and I was the one to blame for her actions. A few days later they took me out and bought Jasmine in the jail she said that they found out that she was the one wanting to kill me so they took off my murder record skill and set me free.I felt bad for almost killing my friend and snitching on her. I got a innovation to a party I was happy that I got to do something fun in a while. I got into my car. I went to Forever 13.
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Thank you.
on February 09, 2014
that's preety good
on January 02, 2014