The challenge Revived #39

The challenge Revived #39

Welcome to the fina, 15. Isn't that amazing, the seasons almost over. So excited to see wholl win.

published on September 21, 201822 reads 5 readers 2 not completed
Chapter 1.

Elimation time

Pred: Oxx, Shawndy, Fi fi, Justin, Fi fi, come here.
Justin: I would prefer not to.
Pred: Your not given a choice
Justin: I should be though.
Pred: If your safe. You'll get a slice of pizza.
Oxx: WOAH! You actually got a prize for once. Shocker...
Pred: Don't do that
Oxx: Do what?
Pred:Make me kill you *kills Oxx* Shawndy is the first one safe.
Shawndy: [0] YES! Hopefully I can leave the bottom 5 because I been down here for a while.
Fi Fi: What are you talking about, I been here longer
Pred: *recovers Oxx* Oxx and Laurens are also safe.
Oxx:[0] Wooo...
Laurens:[1] Good. I starting to freak out.
Pred: Fi fi and Justin remain.
Justin: WHAT! why don't people like me.
Keinoa: (in distance) cause you suck....
Justin: Shut it Keinoa.
Pred: Are you 2 scared.
Fi Fi: Meh...
Pred: Well Justin's safe.
Justin: [2]Whew,..
Fi Fi: [7]Gosh darn it. *dies*
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And now, @koopaqueen, has lost her final character
on September 21, 2018
on September 21, 2018