The world is made virtual, everyone's mental state is connected to a device and frozen leaving their mind in a virtual world.The Story follows a newbie mercenary who is the weakest fighter in the List, but when his Team is slaughtered and he must work to rebuild his team and become the best out of all the others.

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Chapter 1.
Intro (Part 1/3):Guns and Blades

Intro (Part 1/3):Guns and Blades

Blood splattered thru the air as the fighting went on, the light of the moon glown red in the reflection of everyone's sword, glowing balls of light were flying everywhere as the sound of the guns went off the balls were an inch big and hit it's target in seconds.

I was new to the mercenary team known as Omega, it was a fairly small group who acted more like a family than a bunch of thug, I was on the ground scared,dazed, and confused.
My life was at 42% my hands were sticky from the blood on the ground I was watching my team, my family die helpless to do anything.
My level was low Level 5, this was supposed to be a safe mission to escort a merchant and his goods to the main capital from the outer feilds of my village.
I saw my sword on the ground 7 feet away from me, i slowly crawled towards it ignoring the pain through out my body.
I couldn't breath my lfe was below 10% now with my sword only an inch away from my fingertips and then I collapesed.
I saw nothing but blackness other than my lifeline going down 10,9,8,7,6...with each passing moment I thought about each of my friends and how they died I was scared and also grateful that I won't remember any of it when I wake up I will be reborned as a new player or that's what people told me.

3,2,1...I lost my breath but then I saw a flash of light
"Kid don't die on Me!" the team leader said as he revieved me with a defibulator
I started to breath in and out heavily, I was still wounded but my health was at 75%
He put my arm around his shoulders and started running me to cover behind the merchants cart with another man wearing light armour the same uniform as me a brown tunic with a thin grey padding underneath he had a helmet on preventing me from seeing who he was.
"It was a trap" Our leader told up as he angerly punched the ground.
"by who?" I asked
"I don't know but I'm gonna find out, and when I do their gonna get a face of Old Dreamcrusher" He said refering to his oversized Longsword.
"Commander Knight what do we fo?" the man other man asked
"Here Take the kid and get back to base I have to make sure that I save as many of our own as possible" Commander Knight said "Now Go!"
"I'm not leaving" I told him
"You have to...If we all die I want you two too preserve Team Omegas name, Rebuild don't let all our sacrifices be for nothing" He said confidently as he looked me in the eye.
I nod in responces
"Good now Go!" The commander yells as he returns to the battlefeild
The other man grabs my arm and we ran out of there.

End of Intro Part ONE
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