Fun Facts and Stories about The Clans (Read Description)

Fun Facts and Stories about The Clans (Read Description)

This fun facts and stories about the 4 clans. MidnightClan, UnknownClan, SwiftClan, and FireClan. How they hunt or the difference and common looks and how they came to be the way.

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Chapter 1.
The different warriors in the clans

The different warriors in the clans

In MidnightClan
There three types of warriors
Hawk Hunters - These warriors climb up the mountain and search for hawks and other prey up there. There strong back legs help them pounce on warriors
Fish swimmers - these warriors go behind the mountains where the river is and catch their fish. Also their very good swimmers so they can escape enemies (Midnightstar was a Fish swimmer)
and the last type of warriors are *drum roll in the background*
Owl hunters - These warriors stay up all night and hunt for owls or any nocturnal animals. They are very stealthy and able to sneak up on enemies

In UnknownClan
There two types of warriors
High-jumpers - These warriors jump into trees and catch squirrels and birds. They have very strong back legs that help them get in the tress or pounce down on a enemy (Mysteriousstar was a High-jumper)
Chasers - These warriors run along the ground hunting rats, mice, or even rabbits. They are very fast and dodge things easily. (Shadowstar was a Chaser)

In Swiftclan
There two types warriors
Diggers - These warriors dig under ground and make tunnels for easy transport. They have extra strong strikes.
Runners- These Warriors run in the open to catch rabbits or anything in the open really. They very fast and dodge things easily (Swiftstar was a Runner)

In Fireclan
There is one type of warrior
Fighters - These warriors fight and hunt. They are trained to have strong blows or even be stealthy with strong blows.
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