The price of Revenge.

The price of Revenge.

on a dark cold dark foggy night hearing foot spets walking around nobody is there just home alone hearing voices from a dead person it all stared it from this cursed voodoo doll with the glass eye someone cast the spell and now they must pay the price like the little boy damien did trapped inside the doll hearing singing from outside you look outside and noting is there you hear knocks on the windows and you look outside suise is there you go outside noting is there i guess suise is hiding somewhere watching you forever until you pay the price

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chapter 1

chapter 1

stare. on that’s suise her boyfriend dumped her on prom night left her i honestly don’t blame the guy she is pretty weird that girl is a freak.josh sits there in the corner by himself he hears what nick said about suise. josh yells at nick in an angry voice come on don’t you have anything better to do than talk about other people. shut up nobody cares what you think you'r a total freak nick says to josh. i bet the only reason you talk about other people is because you have noting better to do and if you talked about yourself nobody would care josh says in an irritated voice with his head down while squeezing a hold of his pencil in frustration, I didn't ask for your opinion you fu*king freak as nick kicks josh drawing out of his hand. josh face turns red filled with rage and anger  while nick is kicking josh in the leg laughing calling

him a freak. josh gets so frustrated he stars breathing heavy with his head down.nick gives josh a hard smack in the head while nick keeps smacking and punching josh in the head laughing. josh stars sweating and shaking breathing very heavy with a very severe migraine from the frustration and smacks from josh while nick kept smacking him and punching him in the head the pain got more severe. it felt like a drill was going through his head all alone in Relentless agony nobody would help him not even ross while other kids were laughing taking videos on their phones throwing papers at him. he was holding the sides of his head he felt the rage deep down inside of him nick winds him right in the chest. josh eye’s tear up as the pain shoots up into his chest as he grabs ahold of his chest out of breath shaking while still holding onto the pencil trying to control the rage. nick punches josh in the stomach using almost all of his strength. josh holds back his tears as the punches get harder he squeezes ahold of the pencil as the pain increases nick keeps constantly hitting him in the stomach josh still does not show a single tear. nick leans over towards josh face as his face is cover in his long hair coughing and out of breath had a enough? goth kid he says while josh is still holding onto the pencil nick tries to smack him across the face. josh blocks the punch with his arm and nick grabs him by the hair and winds him right in the stomach with his knee. josh hits nick in the throat with his elbow as nick stars coughing josh punches him in the stomach and puts him in a headlock he gets tighter and tighter with his fist in a ball while nick is kicking his legs as his face turns red nick friend comes up behind josh and rips the pencil out of his hand and drives it into josh shoulder he drops to the ground bleeding and in agony

he lets nick go as he coughs and out of breath it was nick friend kevin who helped nick. i came up running to nick as he was coughing and out of breath i was scared to death trembling i never saw josh went crazy like that he kind a changed after his parents died in that car accident everybody he has been raising his little sister judy ever since he was 10 years old. i saw josh laying on the floor with the pencil in his shoulder in horrible agony nobody helped him not even the teachers i wasn't to worried about josh tho because he is a pretty tough guy so he can handle himself i guess. i tapped nick on the shoulder jeez are you alright that was a really wicked fight man that guy almost killed me as he said well coughing. i am very sorry about him i don't know what the hell is wrong with him these days. nick why are you even friends with josh he is a freak. well he looks hurt pretty bad i should go check and see if he is alright he is bleeding pretty bad as i was about to walk over towards josh. kevin pushed me away hey don't worry about him enioy your night nobody cares about him as he patted me on the shoulder. josh looked pretty hurt to me but i guess kevin is right like i said this is a night to enjoy. i walked over to nick and grabbed him by the arm and pulled him up hey buddy where gonna get wasted tonight nick said while laughing. he was walking pretty funny and right dizzy while laughing and took the alcohol right of my hands right fast chugging it down right fast. jeez you

must all ready be drunk i said. omg were not gonna have anymore alcohol once he is done kevin said in a loud voice. nick thrown the alcohol to kevin and caught it right it his hands. oww are you fuc*king crazy man this bottle could of smashed kevin said in a surprised voice. nick puts his arm around me hey buddy i dare you to ask out suise. no way man i shook my head not even worth it. he pulled out his wallet filled with a bunch of cash and money. ya sure its not worth it i try to grab his wallet out of his hands  he grabbed me by the arm and said ya sure its not worth it raising his eyebrows. just give me the money. not until you do it. i breath in a heavy frustrated voice on fine i will do it. told ya its worth it as i was walking towards suise i asked her what was wrong she said my boyfriend dumped me for another girl as she points to them slow dancing come on this is a night to enioy a beautiful girl like you should not be crying on a night like this as i grabbed her by her arm as i was slow dancing with her she asked whats your name mine is ross. while i am glad i met you as she kissed me. i held her hand and she was beautiful i came towards nick and he was drinking, hello i am nick as he said with a smirk and gave me a hug and put the money in my pocket. that night i went home with suise and we made love with my pockets filled with money and josh in the hospital. i never loved anything more than suise me and in the summer time me and her had fun at the beaches she  throw sand into my eyes while laughing those were the good times i chase her she knocked me over i said to her i could never love anybody else but you your the only girl for me and we kissed,  

sometimes the things you love will hurt you the most 1 year later on my first year of high school me and suise had a awesome year i met her family and friends on her birthday i buy her a cute little puppy i save up some money nick gave me last year as the saying goes save money live better 2 months later my cousin ricky left his laptop in my bedroom on recording he forgot to take it off recording he is a youtuber so he posts a lot of video when he came back he checked the recording and it was suise and nick sleeping together on my birthday he sends it to josh and once he is about to send it to me suise casts a spell she writes his name in the voodoo doll to kill him he dies from suicide he jumps off his old school he used to go to when he was in high school. 2 weeks later my mother tells me what happened i star crying i felt cold inside. suise walks up to josh house and he opens the door she stars trying to makeout with him he pushes her away and says i am not doing what nick did if you don’t leave now i am sending the video to ross and telling him everything you did. she leaves and goes home she stars punching herself leaving bruises everywhere she knocks on my door crying saying that josh beaten her i could feel my blood boil with rage. i saw josh walking down the street with his hoodie up i run up to him and i punch him in the face he drops and i star beating him. he was like calm down he said i can’t believe what you did to suise i said. josh says i can’t believe she cheat it on you with nick. she stars crying that’s a lie. i said your lying nick would never do that. well than lets see for yourself. suise falls asleep at my house while i am lying in bed. josh sends me in the video of her and nick sleeping to together i felt heart broken i guess sometimes the things you love the most will hurt you the most. as i was sitting downstairs in the kitchen suise comes down. i am just staring bankly at the wall. hey whats wrong as she puts her hands on my shoulder i push her hand away. whats the matter with you why are you acting so weird. would you like to tell me something. tell you what? she question. about this i showed her the video on my phone. its not what it looks like as she is panicing and sweating why would you do this i thought we had something as i yell. she says babe i love you and tries to kiss me. i push her away she hits the floor don’t even say that you don’t cheat on the people you love. i walk out of the house. i felt so hurt and broken i can’t believe she did this josh was right
as i was walking i saw my friend desmond sitting alone in this ally smoking a cigarette he was holding this strange voodoo doll in his hands it had one glass eye on the right i asked him what is that voodoo doll you have he said to me its a voodoo doll his name is damien i kept him for years now i trying not to cry in front of him he asked me what was wrong he usually doesn't ask questions like that i told him suise cheat it on me as i put my head against the wall in shame he came up to me and said there is a away you can make her pay for what she i said as i bang my head off of the wall use damien the name on damien and cast a spell and it will kill her and she will never brother you again i thought he was crazy i didn't believe it worked. when i was a child my cousin warned me never to mess with magic and spells but at that moment i Would of done anything to make her pay for what she did to me and my cousin. i written her name and put it inside the voodoo doll i post it the video on facebook it got over 150k likes in the comments people were saying eww she even try to do it with the goth guy never knew she

was that freaky. 2 weeks later she commit it suicide she jumped off the school with her head smashed open and brains and blood everywhere all over the concrete.police show up and found the voodoo doll on the roof sitting next to writting revenge always comes with a price written in her blood.  i found a note on the voodoo doll i will always be watching you forever no matter where you go i will make sure we will always be together. she died just like my cousin i regret that day i wish i could go back i would of never took the money josh would of not ended up in jail on prom night i can’t change the pass but i can change whats happening now even tho i will always be watched by suise she is probably out there somewhere watching me right now sometimes sometimes at night i can hear her voice singing the song that played at our prom or sometimes i wake up to go look outside my window and she is just standing there with a could balk look on her face sometimes i can’t sleep at night just thinking about it i guess thats my price of the revenge I regret so much of that night sometimes i wish i could go back and change everything. i can still hear her voice and see her outside my window at night and walking around my house she followed me everywhere i go i tried to fall asleep last night i could hear her foot spets walk around the house singing i open the door to see who it is nobody is there i lay back in bed hear singing from outside i look nobody is there i hear knocks on the windows and i see suise blowing a kiss i go outside nobody is there i guess suise is watching me somewhere i know its still not over yet
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