14 Wishes That Never Came True

14 Wishes That Never Came True

Ginger thought that the birthdays, the presents, the cake, they never meant anything. Until now, she lived her life alone. But soon she realizes those wishes mean a lot more than they seem.

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Chapter 1.


        The funny thing about wishes, is that you never really take them seriously. You could wish for world peace, but instead you wish for an XBox. My wishes were different though. I lived alone, in an old shed behind a baseball field. My father had died and my mother had left to do god knows what. I wished for parents, for a friend, or even a book. In a few days, it would be my fourteenth birthday. To celebrate alone. And to add one more wish to my wishes that never came true. Every time I went to bed, I would fall asleep knowing that if my wishes cam true, if only, I would have a normal life.
        But of course not. Hoping wishes came true was just a fool's fantasy. But it didn't stop me from dreaming of the beautiful family I could have. A mother who wouldn't leave me to starve, and a father who was healthy and strong. As I sat by the windowsill every day, it's wood rotted and decaying, I would watch the other children play and laugh. Such a carefree life. I would imagine myself out there with them, catching balls and tossing pebbles. But soon the sun would go down and the children would go back home, leaving me with bitter reality. Of course I had other things to do. Like finding food and making sure no one found me.
        I bet you're wondering why I don't want anyone to find me. Because I know that if someone does find me here, they will send me to an orphanage. Sure it sounds better than living in a shed, but was it really? I would still be unhappy there, and that's all that mattered to me. If it didn't make me happy to move to an orphanage, then why bother? But back to the facts. My wishes weren't going to come true.
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Moreeee please
I will make more chapters soon! ^_^
on April 02
on April 02