The Fighters Part 2

The Fighters Part 2

New people and ravils along our heros way.But what happens when the siblings join our heroes.

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Chapter 1.
The Helper

The Helper

"Is this the place" Mayla asked "Yep" Amaze said "Who's there "  a voice came from behind the wall."We mean no harm " Mayla said shyly holding her sword tight."Then, why you are here " the voice said "What's your name " Skylar asked."It's Ziana " the voice said coming out from the dark." Why are you here " Ziana asked " We're here to find out were our friends are hiding " Amaze answered."I'll tell you but for price " Ziana stated holding her sword."Like what " Mayla holding her sword case.
Eveyone looks at them both."The deal is one of you has to give up thier soul to the demon " Ziana said.No one said until Mayla said she would do it."No....." Skylar said "You will not take her soul....." Skylar stated and walk in front of Mayla."Yeah " Amaze said doing the same .Everyone does the same. "She our friend and if your going to take her to a demon then take us as well"eveyone said standing in front of Mayla."Fine.What ever "  Ziana said sadly and them go and told them were thery are.
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