Slendergirl's story

Slendergirl's story

This isn't why I chose to persue creepypastas instead of Sonic its just my characters backstory. I don't know if people are gonna like it but I'm willing to try. Btw there will be callbacks to Marble Hornets so.. if you don't know what that is, watch it. Alex is a jerk!

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My story... Pt 1

My story... Pt 1

I chose this. Even though I didn't have too. My real mother died before I could talk. The only reason me and my sister exist is because of a one night stand. My sister was a teenager when I was born. Until then, she had no signs of any supernatural abilities. So my dad tried again, and ended up with me. He knew of my existence, but I didn't know about his. My foster dad found me. Apparently my mom was driving to Rosswood Park. Something happened. She drove into the woods by getting off the roads to try to find my dad. She crashed into a tree, she and my sister died upon impact while I was in the back seat. My foster dad, Joey, was one of the cops that responded to the scene of the crime.
He said when his dog, Delgado, found me, I wasn't crying or even scared. I just kind of stared at him curiously. As soon as they took me out of the forest, I started crying. He just assumed I wanted to be with my mother again. I think even as a baby I knew I shouldn't be with her. My earliest memories are of playing in my room and learning about the tentacles that sometimes came from my back and my ability to teleport. I hid them from my parents as best I could and I went on living my life as a normal girl. My foster mom renamed me as Alexis after her late sister who died of lung cancer. I did see my dad though, but it was usually in my dreams, the image of a tall man with no face in a suit. I told my mom about this  but she just assured me it was nothing. And she was correct. I never really behaved strangely around people.\ Well... except for my appetite. It was a problem for the longest time. I would always eat and eat but I never felt full. It felt like all the food I shoved down my throat went into a black hole. I never craved humans or anything though. Atleast not yet.
When I became 16 my friends and I would always drive to Rosswood Park. Since they had little siblings, we'd sit either on the grass or under that lounge type area with the wooden roof and no walls. The kids would play on the playground while we worked on high school stuff. After finishing some homework I got up one day and took my sketchbook with me. "Where are you going?" Tessa asked taking a bite of a sandwich. "Heading into the woods, I'm out of inspiration and maybe I can find it there," I replied, checking the time and battery percentage on my phone.
"Be careful, there's been rumors that Slenderman lives there," Taco teased. "Yeah, sure, whatever. I'll be back in 2 hours." I looked around and jogged over to a large red thing about a few feet taller than my dad. It was like a wooden hollow box tower. I went inside through a small opening and saw a ladder that lead upwards. After testing it, I climbed up and waved to my friends. They waved back as I started climbing down.
My hand reached something that wasn't part of the latter. A cassette tape? I grabbed it and put it in what looked like a metallic pencil holder case and left it where it was. When I got down I took out my sketchbook and wrote something in it. "Hello" was etched into the paper with a black marker I had in my pocket. I headed into the forest and yelled, "HEY SLENDERMAN COME AND GET ME!" I laughed to myself and decided to walk around for a little bit when I came to this huge tunnel thing with more forest on the other side of it. I yelled again. "CMON SLENDY, COME AND EAT ME!" Nothing obviously happened as I had a sudden idea. I grabbed some duct tape from my purse and taped the paper with the 'hello' message onto the side of the tunnel. After making sure it was secure I decided to jog out of there and join my friends again.
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