The Phoenix: Darkness Falls

The Phoenix: Darkness Falls

(Note: I decided to post this because of whatever, not like anyone's going to read it but eh.) Phoenix (Lucille Lockwood), a woman forced to transform herself into a child to save her sister gets forced to live in the mortal realm. However, Ignatius, her realm is dying and it is up to her to save it. The darkness is spreading fast, will she save it in time, or will it be too late?

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Chapter 1.


        It was the year 2009 when it began, the destruction of the realm Ignatius. Named after king Ignatius, he ruled over this land for many years along with his two daughters and his loving wife Apollis. His daughters named Phoenix, who was twenty-three when the realm began to fall, and baby Hestia. It began with Darrien, a dark lord who wanted to rule over the land. However, Phoenix would not let that happen. She gathered forces together from the many realms that coexisted and fought off the darkness alas she could not go much further. Her youngest sister Hestia was infected with darkness, and the light she withheld began to slowly burn out. Phoenix was given no choice, but to swap places with the young Hestia. Syrianna, a Wolflandian Princess took her to the temple and placed them upon a stone table ready for the transformation. Although the infection would not end, the aging would slow it down for years. During the transformation, a young half mortal being named Tanira whose hair was as dark as night, and eyes as blue as the morning sky entered to take the young Phoenix. “Tanira, you must care for this child as it were your own and it shall remain in the mundane realm until the time has come and she’s seventeen,” Syrianna said as the transformation ended, and there on the stone table baby Phoenix cried. Her flame hair dimmed to a bright natural red instead of the beautiful flame it once was. Her eyes no longer a golden shade, but a green like a mossy lake. Tanira gently picked up the child, smiling at the tiny little phoenix.
        “What should I do about her powers Syrianna?” Tanira asked Syrianna waved her hand in the air, a scepter appearing. She touched the scepter to Phoenix’s head, dampening the girl’s powers.
        “It’ll only hold for so long, I suggest you hide the baby for as long as you can once the abnormalities get word of what’s happened they’ll do anything in their power to kill her.” Syrianna spoke softly.
        “Will changing her name help?” Tanira asked.
        “Might, but take my advice you must keep a close eye on those she socializes with… you never know if they’ll be an abnormality.”
        “I will.” Tanira wrapped the child in her wrap she wore around her shoulders, hiding her face. “I’ll name you Lucille…” she said ever so softly only she could hear. She walked out of the temple, running as soon as the darkness made its way destroying everything in its path. Ignatius using what little power he had frozen the darkness in its path, hoping to buy their realm time until it was time for the young savior to return.
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