Poems (6)

Poems (6)

Some odd poems i have wrote at rabdom times dye to eabdom stories i have read i hope you enjoy these sorrowful poems. All are my own yet are not based on my life or anyone i know.

published on August 17, 20150 reads 0 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.
Why won't they leave? Why won't he come back?

Why won't they leave? Why won't he come back?

Crying in silence
She wished to forget.
Why did he leave me?
I was left alone to rot.
Dying quietly,  i deserve this pain.
By the end i was no longer the same

They laugh as she weeps.
They hit her harder when she smiles.
She holds the passion inside as to not burden another.
Yet she died slowly from the inside.
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