The challenge Revived #36

The challenge Revived #36

Ok, time for a a rejoin. I know the rejoiner isn't going to last long, but meh... what ya going to do.

published on September 16, 201827 reads 6 readers 2 not completed
Chapter 1.

Rejoin time

Pred: All eliminated contestants, come here.
Deedge: I really hope it's me.
Pred: The following people got 1 vote. Hewkii, Leafy, John, Pj Doll, Jynx, Rain, and Thomas. Everyone else got 0 votes. LEAVE!
Hydro: Come on. I should of gotten multiple votes.
Pred: The 17 remaining contestants will vote on who'll rejoin. So go pick.
Derp: I pickz Hewkii.
Pred: First vote for Hewkii.
Ryan: I'm picking Thomas.
Justin: I'm voting for Jynx.
Pred: That's 1 for Hewkii, 1 for Thomas, and 1 for Jynx
Shawndy: I don't know, so I guess I'll pick Thomas.
Keinoa: Definitely picking John.
Pred: 1 for Hewkii, 1 for John, 1 for Jynx, and 2 for Thomas
Neptune: I'll pick Rain.
Venus: I'll pick Leafy.
Laurens: I'll pick John
Pred: 1 for Hewkii, 1 for Jynx, 1 for Leafy, 1 for Rain, 2 for Thomas, and 2 for John
Summer: I'm picking Rain
Tori: Leafy
Alex: I'll pick Thomas, because he's the best choice to bring back.
Pred: 1 for Hewkii, 1 for Jynx, 2 for Leafy, 2 for Rain, 2 for John, 3 for Thomas
Maria: Pj Doll
Oxx: Guess I'll go Pj Doll as well.
Fi Fi: Well I'm choosing Jynx
Hyper:I pick Rain
Pred: Hewkii-1, Leafy-2, John-2, Jynx-2, Pj Doll-2, Thomas-3, Rain-3
Hazel: I pick Jynx.
Pred: Hold it, where's Cyra.
Ryan: She went somewhere.
Pred: Why. Does anyone know where she went. Or who'll she wanted to have rejoin.
Ryan: She would probably want Thomas rejoining.
Pred: Then Thomas rejoins with 4 votes.
Thomas: YES!
Cyra: I'm back... what'd I miss.
Pred: Thomas rejoins.
Cyra: F#ck. I wanted Rain too.
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Comments (2)

Aw man...WHY WHY HEWKII He was a poor soul misunderstood with the fact he had no words to flow from his mouth...DO YOU PEOPLE HAVE NO SOULS. HAVE RESPECT FOR THE PERSON. HEAL THE WORD MAKE IT A BETTER PLACE (XD)
on September 22, 2018
Yes, Thomra!
on September 16, 2018