All About Silvia!

All About Silvia!

All About meeeh! There is only 1 chapter so yeah. Just did this in my spare time cause like always, I'm a loner and I'm bored.

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All About Silvia

Hey, I'm Silvia.
I'm 14 years old and not pretty, (As seen in the picture on the cover of the page.. That's me).
I have never been called pretty and that's totally understandable because, I mean, look at me xD
I have 3 main friends, they do not have QFEAST but, however I can tell you there names, Rebecca (Becca/ Beckster), Isabelle (Izzy/ Izdawg) and Jessica (Jessie/ Senpaii)
My Nickname is Kai/Bubblez.
I hate eating meat.. Why? Well they're poor defenseless animals that deserve to live.. What if we cooked each other up and ate us? Nasty!
I live in Canada.
Bacon <3 (Poor Piggiessss)
I Love "Bleach" The Anime!!
I have 74 Followers as I write this.. Yeah, I'm not popular what-so-ever.
I've had 27 tumors
I've had cancer twice (Lung and Spine)
I have a rare thing in my back called spineodipia where there is holes in my spine (I should be paralyzed for life but thankfully I'm Not!! YAY)
I love to write and draw!
I sing
I'm an awful singer
I love to RP, I just don't know how to RP on QFEAST
I play Fresh Hotel and Habbo Hotel. I often RP on there
How to rp on there;
Hannah: ;-I Put my sword down as James came running towards me..-;
James: ;-I would run into Hannah, hugging her tightly and gripping her hair as I'd sob quietly-;
Hannah: I missed you so much James..
James: I missed you more ;-Leans in and presses her lips gently against mine-;
I write my stories on some true events.
I love Creme Eggs! AND! Hersheys Eggies
If I ever have kids, I'm naming my first born Cloud.
My second born; Lust
And if I have 3, my third born; Elite
I have a major crush right now.. But sadly, he's way too popular. He hasn't ever talked to me, and we have never made eye-to-eye contact.
A boy named Brandon said he loved me.
A boy named Chris said he Liked me.. Then afterwards he said it wasn't like.. It was love.
I'm not sure if I'm dating a guy named Aiden or not? He said he hated me and told me to F*** off. Then the next day he texted me "Hey babe. <3 "
A Mexican boy never stops texting me "I love you"
Everybody hates me.
I've cut 2 times, Neck and right below my rib cage.
A boy named Dylan Hates me.
All girls hate me.
Even my friends hate me.
Last year I was checking Isabelle's text messages, and she sent "Kyla always wants to be a leader. I hate her so much! Don't tell her this okay?" To a girl named Rue. I wasn't mad, just went home feeling like a looser and cried myself to sleep.
I've lost over 138 friends.
I hate my life,

~Thanks for reading this. I was just really bored. Also, I'm doing something special for 1 lucky follower. I'm going to be giving out my old gen 4 ipod. I don't use it anymoreeeeee SO! 1 of my followers has a chance to get it. I'm picking it out random. Sorry if you dont get picked.. I have 74 followers. So your chances are 1 in 74.
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Comments (7)

I know this doesn't help but I'm really sorry you lost your friends and had cancer and you aren't ugly your pretty! I hope everything gets better for you. I'll be your friend since you said yours are poops.
on April 13, 2015
Also: My name is also Izzy xD
Aweh hey! Don't feel bad about the cancer thing, nobody can control that aha. Sure, we can be fabulushhh friends!! ;OOOOO I Like friends c; XD And THANKS! XD Your pretty too! I was snoopin round ur profile loooool not weird o.o
XD I do that too lol
on April 12, 2015
on April 12, 2015
on April 12, 2015
Also, I'm sooooooooo sorry about the cancer and everything... I feel so bad.... 😖😫😱
on April 12, 2015
Chu are pretty ;-;
Wanna be my friend? :3
You seem cool :3
on April 12, 2015
on April 12, 2015