a witches night

a witches night

Just a couple of intresting scary storiesa put together. Hope you enjoy :)

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Chapter 1.
help or leave?

help or leave?


It was one dark night on Halloween eve. The sky was unusually dark and it was raining like it was the end of the world. The thunder crackled so loud you felt as if you heard fireworks go off right next to your ears. The lightning lit up the sky as if it was day time. The wind howled through out the tree and blowing so heavily you’d think you were in front of a giant fan.

A business man named Ted was driving down the road cautiously due to the weather conditions. The rain was coming down ever harder and faster than just a few minutes ago, He had the feeling of stopping and just waiting out the storm but was fearful that he would be late getting home and didn't want to worry his family. He continued on down the road driving 10 mph down a 30 mph road. His wind shield wipers couldn't even catch up with the rain because it was coming down so fast. He took his eyes off the road for a few seconds to look at the clock on the car radio, it was 8:00pm.

As soon as he put his eyes back on the road a lady who looked like she had just been beaten up. Her Gray hair was in bits and pieces falling out, she had a hunched back and can barley walk, her close all ragged and ripped, walked across the road like a deer crossing. She stared into the headlights and Ted tried to swerve but it was too late. He hit her with transcendence force. He stopped the car immediately and got out to see if she was ok. She wasn't.

He didn't know what to do, he panicked and couldn't call 911 because his phone had died early. So he left her there, having just been traumatized Ted was out of his mind and didn't know what to do. Ted came home about ten minutes later and acted like nothing had happened, he continued on with his life and it eventually passed him like it didn't even happen.
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