Stone Returns Home

Stone Returns Home

The ending to Runaway to Stone... Stone returns home to Kayla. You will finally find out who and what Stone is.

published on November 02, 20138 reads 5 readers 1 completed
Chapter 1.

Chapter; 4 Stone (continued)

Kayla I'm almost there! Almost home! Aren't you happy? Oh I know I sure am! I can see your bedroom light on Kayla! I'm that close. I can finally hug you and love you now! Because I gave LIFE. Kayla thank you for letting me go with Boss, and get LIFE.

Kayla I'm at your doorstep, should I ring the doorbell? Or just knock? Oh my, so many decisions to make now that I have LIFE, again.
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LOOL kayla is my name
on November 02, 2013