Runaway to Stone

Runaway to Stone

I was at the bus stop when I first saw him, Stone, he was so pretty.... Handsome I mean. He didn't remember me though, he used to be my imaginary friend. We played for hours and hours in the backyard, until... I got caught up in parties and girls night out that I forgot all about him, Stone.

published on November 02, 201321 reads 6 readers 2 completed
Chapter 1.


Stone was my best friend.

We played for hours in the yard.

Stone and I would wrestle in the grass.

I had a good time with Stone, but it disappeared in a matter of days, weeks, months. Stone disappeared like that, and he never came back.

Now he's lost, doesn't even know I'm his friend, like he's seen other people with their friends, but he's never had a friend of his own. Stone, I miss him, he was gone when I came back from a party that Saturday evening, I thought that he just went on a stroll and he would return any minute, but he didn't, he left. Never to Return.
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Comments (2)

read Runaway to Stone 2
on May 09, 2014
This is really good! What happens? Does Kayla recognise him? What does he look like now?
on April 06, 2014