Starswirl academy

Starswirl academy

I think you're goanna like it if you don't I tried my best well hope you like it :)

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Chapter 1.
Starswirl Academy (MLP Fanfic) Chapter 1

Starswirl Academy (MLP Fanfic) Chapter 1

N: Narrator; Twilight; RainbowDash; PinkiePie; Rarity; AppleJack; Fluttershy

Twilight: 'Opens eyes' Oh what a beautiful day. It's so nice and quiet. Wait, what time is it?! 'Checks time' Oh my goodness! I'm gonna be late!

Twilight(N): My name is Twilight Sparkle. I am a 16 year old girl who was accepted into an honor school called Starswirl Academy. Basically what it is is it's a school for gifted people with amazing talents. There are magic programs, athletic programs, fun programs, fashion programs, animal programs, strength programs and a lot more. Me? Well I'm under the Magic program for those advanced wizards. I am from the biggest royal city in Equestria called Canterlot, the Equestrian Capital.

Twilight: Where is my shirt?

Spike: Hey Twilight are you… GAHH!

Twilight: AH Spike! 'Covers herself' Haven't you heard of knocking?!

Spike: I'm so sorry! I assumed you were done so I just walked right in.

Twilight: Get out! I'm not done getting ready yet!

Twilight(N): Yeah, that boy was my cousin Spike.

N: After 15 minutes of getting herself ready for school, she was finally ready to take on the day.

Twilight: Done! I am ready to take on my first day of school at Starswirl Academy!

Spike: It's amazing how you got into the academy, but it's no surprise because you ARE a gifted person

Twilight: Thanks Spike. I'll see ya when I get home

Meanwhile, at the school...

N: When Twilight arrived at the school, she saw a lot of people doing magic and sports and a lot of other amazing things. She was pretty shy because it was her first day at school

Twilight: Wow, there are so many wonderful things that happen here! I wonder where my first class is

?: Hey, look hit

'Twilight gets hit with a soccer ball'

Twilight: Ow! That really hurt and came out of nowhere!

?: I'm so sorry about that. But you need to be aware of your surroundings.

Twilight: Well how was I supposed to know that a soccer ball was gonna come flying to my head? But it was an accident so I forgive you

?: I was just practicing my soccer skills so I can become more athletic. Name's RainbowDash by the way, and yours?

Twilight: I'm Twilight Sparkle. And I'm guessing you're with the athletic program

RainbowDash: You bet! 'Bell Rings' By the looks of our schedule, we have our first class together. Let's go.

Class 1: Biology

N: As RainbowDash and Twilight were walking to class, Twilight was talking to RainbowDash to get to know each other well.

RainbowDash: 'Enters classroom' Wow, the magic program? Like those eggheads?

Twilight: Eggheads? We're just really intelligent 'Teacher walks in'

Teacher: Well hello everybody! It's nice to see all you talented people. Now let's introduce ourselves shall we? My name is Moonlight Blitz and I teach you girls what you do in biology.

Twilight: Hey RainbowDash, I don't really see any guys in this classroom.

RainbowDash: That's because the school is divided by the genders. Every class is all boys and all girls. The only class where there are boys and girls in the same class is their gifted class.

Moonlight Blitz: Now that I have introduced myself, let's start with you miss.

Octavia: Hello. My name is Octavia and I am with the music program. And you can tell that I am in the music program is because of my Cutie Mark on my uniform. And that's pretty much all I have to say.

Moonlight Blitz: And how about you, girl with the blue hair.

Vinyl Scratch: Hello, fellow students of mine. My name is Vinyl Scratch, but you can call my Vinyl for short. I am with the music program as a head DJ. I am well known as "DJ Pon3" but that's only my DJ nickname. I have one good friend in this class, and that's Octavia!

Moonlight Blitz: So you two live together?

Octavia: We do, but it can be a problem sometimes

Moonlight Blitz: How?

Octavia: Well, both of us have a different taste in music. I like classical music, and Vinyl here likes techno and Dubstep. I play Cello in the symphonic orchestra, while Vinyl is on her DJ set playing very loud music

Moonlight Blitz: That's good! At least you girls are getting along. How about you miss?

N: The teacher points at Twilight. She was pretty nervous because she's not used to speaking in front of a class. She's more comfortable speaking to her mentor, Princess Celestia. Yes, she is the Princess of all of Equestria.

Twilight: Umm.. My name is Twilight Sparkle and I am with the Magic program.

Moonlight Blitz: Wow. I heard some certain magicians and wizards have their own mentors, who are really good with magic. Do you have a mentor?

Twilight: I do actually. Her name is Princess Celestia.

Moonlight Blitz: Celestia? You mean the most powerful princess in all of Equestria?

Twilight: Yes. And if you don't believe me, I actually have a book she gave me to help me improve.

Moonlight Blitz: Wow, so your magic must be really good then

Twilight: My magic is good, but I wouldn't say I'm the best, because I know that a lot of other wizards are probably better than me.

Moonlight Blitz: That's very nice. And you. Girl with the rainbow hair.

RainbowDash: Hey everybody! My name is RainbowDash, and I am with the athletic program. So far my best sport is soccer and I'm pretty good at it.

Moonlight Blitz: Oh soccer? Are you that girl who accidently kicked a soccer ball to a girls face?

Twilight: It was an accident, because I was the one who got hit with it.

RainbowDash: And that's how we became friends!

Moonlight Blitz: Haha, that's a funny story on how you became friends. You may take your seat.

How about you girl with the pink hair?

N: Twilight turned to the girl but looked very quiet

?: Oh umm. My name is…

Moonlight Blitz: I'm sorry darling, what?

?: My name is Fluttershy

Moonlight Blitz: I'm sorry can you speak up?

Twilight: I think she's trying to say Fluttershy.

Moonlight Blitz: Is that your name sweetie?

Fluttershy: 'Nods'

Moonlight Blitz: And judging by the animals in your backpack, I'm guessing you're part of the Animal program.

Fluttershy: 'Nods'

Twilight: 'Turns to RainbowDash' Now I know why they call her Fluttershy.

N: Twilight saw that Fluttershy was obviously shy. So after class, RainbowDash and Twilight decided to befriend her. But they were not sure if she'll talk to us.

1 hour later…

RainbowDash: Man that class was long. Well at least we have a 30 minute break. So should we talk to Fluttershy?

Twilight: Yeah, let's go. She's just sitting there talking to a bunch of animals.

RainbowDash: I have a feeling we're gonna have a hard time getting to know her.

Twilight: 'Approaches Fluttershy' Hey Fluttershy. How's it going?

'Turns her head away and squeaks'

Twilight: Well, my name is Twilight Sparkle and this is my friend RainbowDash.

RainbowDash: Hiya!

Fluttershy: Hi…

Twilight: So what are you up to?

Fluttershy: Oh um, I'm just helping this squirrel get better, but it's getting a little complicated.

Twilight: Maybe I could be of assistance

Fluttershy: Gee, I don't know

Twilight: Come on. You can trust me.

N: Twilight used her magic to pick up the bandages to put it around the squirrels arm.

Twilight: And there you go! Nice and fitted properly.

Fluttershy: Oh, thank you so much! 'Hugs Twilight'

Twilight: Don't worry about it. Erk… you're squeezing me pretty tight

Fluttershy: I'm sorry. Sometimes when someone helps me with something, I just want to give them a big tight hug.

Twilight: Gee. That's the first that you were excited

RainbowDash: How come you're always so quiet?

Fluttershy: That's because I'm shy when it comes to new people. But when it comes to animals, they're my best friends. That's why I don't have many friends.

Twilight: Well we're your friends. And it's nice to meet a new friend. 'Bell rings'

RainbowDash: Yes! Gym class! Let's go! 'Yanks Twilight and Fluttershy follows
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