The Girl Who Trains Dragons

The Girl Who Trains Dragons

Taylor: As you've seen, there are LOTS of pictures of my dragon friends on my wall! Well, I think this should help for you guys to understand how I started to rescue or gain the trust of dragons!

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Chapter 1.
Saving Greenstreak

Saving Greenstreak

I was young at the time. 8 years old to be exact. I remember how I first met Greenstreak. Its like the memory has scarred me, but in a good way. For those of you who don't know already, Greenstreak is my best friend, well, this is how the two of our lives collided with one another. It seems a lot like my destiny was to meet Greenstreak.
I was walking through the woods on a horrible day. It was humid, the skies were covered in pure grey clouds, there was not a whisper of wind to be heard, not even the birds sang their wonderful tunes. It was almost as if the forest had become lifeless, dead from silence or being untouched for so long.
Then, out of nowhere, I heard a ear piercing screech! It wasn't to far away either, maybe just passed a few fallen birch wood trees to my left. My instincts told me not to go and find out what had screeched, but I shook my head and ran to what had made the noise. Each time a fallen tree stood in my way I jumped straight over it with absolutely no problems at all, continuing to run.
A clearing in the forest came into view as I crouched behind a bush. In front of me was a hill, just after the trees subsided. There was only one tree standing there, and when I looked below it, my eyes widened.
Just a few paces away from me were two large dragons! They're night sky like grey scales fluttered with colors such as blue and yellow, but as I got a closer look, the beautiful scales were tainted with red. I walked even closer, making sure one or both of the dragons wouldn't jump up and Attack me, but neither of them budged. I gasped as a ghastly sight was shown before me. Both of the dragons had been stabbed to death by what looked like either a very large dagger or really long sword! Blood covered all of their scales, and I covered my mouth so I wouldn't scream. "Who could have done such a thing to a beautiful creature?!" I thought to myself, rage coursed through my veins.
I could hear just the slightest bit of whimpering behind me, it was faint and quiet, almost like it was scared. I turned around and faced the tree, and there it was. A baby dragon, sitting there, staring at me. It's eyes were wide with fear and it didn't move, it just kept staring at me with its golden eyes. I stepped closer to the tree and it started to whimper even louder. I carefully raised my arms, gently picked up the small dragon, held it in my arms, and swayed back and forth to calm the small creature down.
I took a closer look at the baby dragon, it had the night sky grey scales just like the two adult dragons that lay motionless behind me. Instead of having blue or yellow markings, it had green markings that looked like streaks of paint had been thrown onto a canvas. It's small tail glowed with a green aura, and it almost looked like a trident. The sail on its back was very small, and I made sure to not fold it backwards as it might have hurt the little one.
The little dragon started to whimper again, and I stroked it's head. He flinched at my touch, and looked at me with its golden eyes again, this time seeming rather curious than scared.
"Don't worry little guy, I'll take care of you," I whispered smiling. The baby dragon purred as if it understood and rubbed it's head against my cheek as if to say 'thank you.' "I'll call you Greenstreak."
Thus, a new friendship was born.
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