The Nine Lives of Cat

The Nine Lives of Cat

Well reader, it appears that you have somehow stumbled onto this story, and I hope you do intend to keep reading. In this book you will meet many different characters, such as school boxing champions, bullies, wealthy families - I fear you will not believe half the events in my story. ~Cat

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Chapter 1.
Character List

Character List

Catherine Corrigan (Cat) - Your guide

Callum Mead - School boxing champion, gang leader, and old friend

Liam Beville - Old enemy, shoplifter, and gang leader.

Jack Stevens - Callum's second in command

James Palmer - Comedian, a loyal member of Callum's gang.

Max Brockman - Liam's second in command

William M Golding - Son of a wealthy family, good friend

Professor Joseph K Golding - William's father

Orlando Corrigan - Older brother

Patrick Corrigan - Uncle and guardian

Jamie Sarson - Cocky, mischievous school friend

Rebecca Carter - Vain, reluctant classmate

P.C Harrison - Village Policeman

Mrs Peterson (Penny) - Grocery lady

Mr Marks - Library Owner

In case I have forgotten anyone, I will add them on later.

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on July 04, 2016
Can't wait for more!
on September 01, 2013