Michael Jackson Story

Michael Jackson Story

In this story MJ is my godfather and my father died. SO YEAH BYE GUYSS

published on September 21, 201314 reads 11 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.

Going To A Concert

"I can't believe I am going to a Michael Jackson concert in England!" I said excitedly. " Ally focus on your homework." Kayley said. Kayley is my BFF. "Kayley what are you doing?" I said to Kayley. "Touching your MJ pic." She said. "Give me it now." I said angrily. "NEVER" Kayley said. She will have broken bones. " Mum Kayley won't giveme my MJ picture back." I yelled downstairs at my mum. "Kayley give Ally her picture back now." My mum yelled upstairs at Kayley. "Thank god he is okay." I said. I got a call from Paris Jackson. "Who called you Ally?" Kay said."Um...No one, why?" "Just wondering." She said. "It's time tot go to the concert." I said to Kayley. "Where is my VIP ticket?" Kayley asked. "I got a VIP ticket is because Paris Jackson gave it to me." I said. "How you know Paris?" Kayley asked. "She is my godsister." I said. "Oh okay leggo then." Kayley said.
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