The Death Bringer (1)

The Death Bringer (1)

this is the full story of the death bringer which is now ongoing as I have finally gathered up the courage to write more online of what I continued in my book. My friend Rebekah is the reason it turned out this way. this is a story of a 16 year old girl and the death bringer called hikaru find out the thrilling tale of what will happen.

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Chapter 1.
the outsider

the outsider

There was a flash of light then suddenly, a person was standing before my very eyes. He was clad in black pants and a black jacket. The jacket had some kind of weird picture on them. He had pale grey eyes and his floppy blond hair was blowing in the wind. Then just as he arrived, he disappeared within seconds leaving no trace but an uneasy feeling behind.

After that day it has been seven years now. Since then I have doubted he ever existed until that day. He showed up again I recognised him clearly as in seven years. He had never aged. I wished I could still believe he no longer existed but, that was no longer an option.

Ignorance was indeed bliss. Now that I was sure of his existence I couldn't ignore the fact that something was wrong with him. That he was searching for something or someone. Both times when he appeared he gave me an uneasy feeling and made me feel and think, something is amiss.

His presence was unnerving. Almost unnatural. When he looked at me I felt as if he was seeing into my very soul.

Though the weird thing was no one else could see him but me. Just who was this man.
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I shall update 1 story a week
on August 04, 2013