The Great Race 5

The Great Race 5

Ready for a race around the world. For 1 million dollars. 18 pairs of 2. This is basically like The amazing race.

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Chapter 1.

Race start

Sparkerp: Friends can grab the first tip.
Cindy: Sweet.
Jack: That should be us.
Sparkerp: For the last time,  I don't care.
Electra: says to get a flight to, greenland?
Cindy: Oh.. that's going to be cold.
Sparkerp: Yeah... have fun.

-at airport-

Sparkerp: Teams better hurry. There are 3 flights. But the first flight leaves way before the others.

Lydia: You hear that. One leaves way before the others.
Jack: Yeah. And...
Lydia: We are going to get that flight.
Jack: Right. I knew that.
Lydia: Now go faster!

Cyra: Which way should we go.
Thomas: How should I know. Look at a map or something.
Cyra: Way to be helpful.
Thomas: I'm always helpful

-The challenge Pros
Derp: Lookz at these seatz, they so soft.
Alex: Get away from the seats. We need to get tickets.
Derp: aww... okayz.
Alex: Over here.
Derp: Comingz

Sparkerp: Everyteam has their tickets. With the Friends, Gamers, Competitors, and Daters with a great head start. Brother-sister, Friendly rivals, Goths, Brothers, and sisters on flight 2. And on the final flight, Musicians, Fashion stars, Evil, scaredy cats,  and challenge pros.
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