To Be Known

To Be Known

The world is black. Filled with disappointments. But if you can change the past. You change yourself. And the world becomes a little brighter.

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Chapter 1.

In the Start

Hello, my name, is Angie. I am 14, and live.. well.. Never mind. I know, your probably just reading this book for amusement, or maybe just because your bored. Or possibly because you care and want a taste of this book. But I just want to warn you, this book.. This book contains a lot of misfortune, and a lot of drama. Of course, if your into that stuff, keep reading. If not, I suggest you put this book down. Besides, there's still that Harry Potter series.. Or have you already seen the movies? Or how about.. Okay, okay, I'm sorry.. So your still reading? Then lets get this show on the road..

This story begins, in a small area, called; Frentron. Frentron, named after my great grandfather, Frentron James. Its out in the wilderness, and I bet, if you search Frentron on google, nothing will show up. My father wanted this place to be a secret, and yet, we've had wifi installed, cable and much much more, quite ironic. I live with my brothers, Kenton and Hans. Kenton is going on 18 this summer, he wears a black hat everyday, which has made his hair go in large brown waves that swoop up just a little over the hats rim. His face is like an angel and a devil had a baby. He looks like the angel, but acts like the devil. He's smoked since he was 13, but still looks cute as ever. His voice is husky, but his attitude when he speaks.. Ugh, he always trys to be cool... Hans, is just a little over 15. He has bright, innocent hazel eyes. He's always got my back. He too, also wears a hat everyday. The same dark blue Reebok hat, with the Calgary Flames logo on the front. His hair is starting to get waves that swoop over the rim, which I think totally suits his good looks, and his great attitude. He loves everybody he meets, but is often trying to get people to ask him to smoke weed. Thankfully, he has chosen wise friends, that always say; "Hans, your not mature enough yet!" Then they state a lot of facts about smoking and how it damages the lungs. Hans always believes them and stops asking, that is, until the next week rolls by. I am the youngest of the bunch. My name is Angie. I'm 14, and have very long hair. I hate talking about myself.. Why? I'm ugly. It's easy to talk about other people, because you can see them for who they are.. Me.. Even I don't know me. I've never been called pretty, and I never will be. My hair flops so un-perfectly, I have a blonde ombre, dark brown eyes. And I'm very shy. I'm not accepted, and absolutely not a sight for sore eyes. I really don't want to continue writing about myself, so lets just get to where I am now.

I sit on the dock, my feet bobbing up and down, splashing in the water. I look out at the water, seeing eagles soaring in the sky, and deers across the water, enjoying the nice sun kissed grass. All of that to be disturbed by Kenny -Kenton- jumping in the water. I sit there un-amused.

"Come on in! The waters great!" Kenny yells towards me.

"Nah, I like sitting and enjoying the su-" I am suddenly emerged in the ponds water. I rise from the water, swooping my hair back like the girls in the movies. I look where I once sat. Hans stands there laughing.

"Omg! Angie, I'm so sorry." Hans says, trying to hold in his laughter.

I spit out some pond water, as a flock of geese land in the pond and attack Kenny. I turn around when I hear Kenny scream, "AHHH STUPID BIRDS!"

We stand and watch Kenny get attacked, laughing and not being able to move. Kenny, eventually runs to shore. "Stupid birds.." Kenny states in a wise husky voice, then walks inside the house.

I get myself out of the water, where I cough up some water and pull seaweed out of my hair. Hans helps. Afterwords Hans helps me up and we head inside for something to eat.

"Angie, what would you like? We have some fresh moose. I could put it in a sandwich for you." Hans offers.

I grin adorably, "That would be great. Would you like some grapejuice?" I ask him softly.

"Sure! That would be great!"

I pour Hans some grapejuice and sit down at the table and watch him make 2 sandwiches. When he's done, he puts both plates on the table infront of him. I put the 2 grapejuices infront of me.

"Before you get your sandwich, and before I get my grapejuice.. Can I have something?" Hans grins.. He's horny..

"Uhm. Sure? Like what?"

Hans taps his cheek, "A kiss? Perhaps?"

I get scared. But remember he's only my brother. I lean across the table and go to kiss his cheek, he moves and I end up kissing his lips. Hans moves the sandwich to my side, and grabs his grapejuice. Then we both sit down.

We don't talk all evening, seeing the move he made on me kissing him on the lips. Kenton was in the washroom all night, getting high. And I sat at the dinner table, on my laptop, playing An average night.

At 12:48am, I decide to go tuck myself in bed and put on the radio. I feel asleep around 1:09am.
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Really good! Please continue?
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Awee thanks @gothicskittlescupcake c:
Your welcome! =^-^=
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on April 09, 2015
on April 09, 2015