The Amulet's Power ( book 2 ) ( Read Description )

The Amulet's Power ( book 2 ) ( Read Description )

All parts of this story is made up and in the Minecraft realm. So enjoy and harsh comments will be deleted. Unless there helpful. I do not own anything in this book, but it's plot,art,and idea. So do not take this story and claim it. If you wanna show other people it make sure to have my account follow with the story. Thank you for reading. Also THIS IS BOOK 2 P.S : There MIGHT be gore.

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Chapter 1.

Where it all started

Adam's Mother P.O.V

I looked down at my newly born son. Something ticks in me when I look at him. No it's not bad tick or anything like that. Like I connect with him spiritually and a doctor said they somehow took an AMULET out of me before my son. I don't remember having any of that inside me.
" Before I gave birth was there an Amulet inside me? " I asked the doctor.
He just replied with a simple no. The amulet seems to fit perfectly around my son neck. I hope he'll be a great king one day.

* time skip to 15 years *

Adam's P.O.V

I was running around the castle like usual. Getting chased by my pet dog named Chase. I soon ran out of breath so I slowed down so I could catch my breath and Chase sat next to me panting. He was the most loyalist thing I've met. I bent down and petted him. His very cute.
" Son it time to go mine " My father shouted so I could hear him.
" Alright " I yelled back. I ran to get my Pickax and ran out of the castle. Heading towards the mines. The Kingdom isn't like most kingdoms. It more like the people and the prince do the things and yes I'm a Prince. I'm Prince Adam or more preferably Prince Sky.
I wear sunglasses,leather jacket,gray shirt,black and white gloves,dark gray pants with gray knee pad things,red shoes with white laces,and a amulet. I don't know why I have it, but I do. I'm 15 of right now. So I'm happy we haven't gotten attacked by the squid army. It's been peaceful ever since the last attack.

* time skip once again and still Adam's P.O.V *

I was heading back from the mines until I heard. screams of terror and pain. I started to run back as fast as my legs could carry me. I was too late... The squids already left everyone dead even my dog. I started to cry hard... harder. My tears fell so fast I soon ran away just in-case some the squids hadn't left.
I had ran deep into the woods and soon I had look for shelter. I found a nearby cave and went in. I had some torches on me still. So I lit up the area a bit and started to mine until morning light.
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