the hooded man

the hooded man

READER BEWARE YOUR IN FOR A SCARE! >:) also potatoes plate awesome and so is Jeff the childhoof

published on June 17, 201549 reads 13 readers 2 not completed
Chapter 1.

childhood When

When I was a child I often spoke of a man that I saw to my parents but they didn't believe me. Who would though a 5 year old child has a very wild imagination. At first the visits from this man were off and on but now its frequent. I was sitting on our old swing On the edge of the woods and i saw a man dressed in all black. Standing there a few feet away from me staring at me while i was swinging. At that moment i got of the swing and ran inside.
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Comments (2)

More I want one where the hooded man does not just come for you and maybe he will lift up his hood and literally kill you right there
on August 16, 2016
plz writo more!!!
on June 21, 2015