The Last Dragon 2: The Return Of The Clans

The Last Dragon 2: The Return Of The Clans

Drako, Bluefire, and their hatchlings grow closer and closer by the minute; and so does danger. Two Clans stumble upon their den, and Bluefire and Drako aren't their; just the hatchlings.

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Chapter 1.

Something's Out There...

"I'm back! shouted Drako, running into the den with a mouthful of fish.
"Yeah, I heard you running everywhere." Bluefire laughed.
"Here." Drako dumped fish in front of Bluefire, and the hatchlings scrambled over to eat. Bluefire pushed them back with her tail.
"Not yet. You'll have fish where your older." Bluefire gulped down a few fish, then the hatchlings stumbled out of the den followed by their parents.
"I'll let them play. But we have to name them." Drako nodded his head. They thought for a few moments, then it hit Drako.
"Redwing!" he said, jumping up after he sat down.
"Yes, I like Redwing." Bluefire nodded.
"So the boy's Redwing, and who's the girl?"
"Well... you named the boy and I should name the girl. Sound fair?" Drako nodded at Bluefire's response, and patiently waited for her idea of a name. Meanwhile, the hatchlings stumbled and clawed at each other, only they didn't have claws yet. Redwing roared at his sister, but she tackled him.
"Daisytail!" Bluefire shouted. "That's a great name!"
Drako nodded again. "I like that!"
"Then it's settled."
"Mommy!" the two hatchlings squealed over and over again, running to their mother and father.
"Their first words!" Drako gasped.
"What is it?" Bluefire didn't pay much attention to their words. The two hatchlings quivered and franticly looked around in the woods that was in front of their den.
"Something's out there..." Drako whispered.
"Get back to the den Redwing and Daisytail! Go! Now!" Bluefire shrieked as she saw dragon tails swishing n the bushes.
They where under attack.
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Awesome :3
on October 05, 2014
on October 05, 2014