if you wish to die. .

Mary- Janeway has lot to learn, when it comes to being happy. She is a depress vampire and wants revenge on her human killer (the guy that turned her)

published on August 23, 201513 reads 5 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.

my journal.

The rain was turning to mist as I was getting on the school bus, I was always the first one on,so I  go to the very back like I normally do. Since I go to the very back, I have a little time to write in my journal, I don't like to call it a dairy because  when I was little I had one and my older sister made fun of for calling  it my secret dairy, my dad did too! But today instead of writing something today, I reed  what I wrote it was when I first became a vampire.
"Dear journal" I first wrote
"Last night was horrible!Something came and bit me, on my neck, later I found out that the bite was from a vampire."I just couldn't read anymore my heart broke, I cried a little, so I put my journal back in my book bag. As I looked up there already was three people on the bus.
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