Black and White

Black and White

A swan lake dancer found dead in a river after many years of searching come's alive. She has a plan to murder all swan lake dancer's Black and White.

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Chapter 1.


The body was found by the Weston Lake of New Jersey police pulled the body from the water she was cold to the touch "Get a towel!" demanded an officer a fireman climbed aboard the back of his truck handing another man a towel. The officer picked up the body loaded it into the ambulance "You go ahead I'm going to stay here with Robbie and try to find some clues." said the officer tapping Robbie on the shoulder the ambulance driver nodded looked around the river and said "If she had clothes on they must had been eaten off from the salt that waters blue." quickly the ambulance driver climbed into the truck turning on his sirens and pulled away. Robbie and the officer had been at the lake for two hours now and hadn't found anything not even a fingerprint "We'll try again tomorrow Robbie." said the officer walking towards his car he stopped in his tracks the voice of Robbie's screeching made him go deaf for a moment "Her blood!!!" yelled Robbie where the current was pushing hard Marlin's bloody clothes lay blocking water from passing through the officer ran over and jumped into the knee high water after Robbie "Don't touch the clothes we need that for clues!" yelled the officer now trying not to go under the hip high water, when the officer arrived in the middle of the wide lake Robbie had tears in his eyes the officer snapped pictures of the bloody clothing the grabbed it off the log "Come on Robbie we got to get this back to the station pronto!" said the officer looking down at the water trying not to trip.
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