Mission: Revenge

Arian, she was once an assassin but fell to her death trying to fight the people who turned her into a cyborg. Genetically modified as well she fights to finish the mission she was set out to do. With Dathan at her side, who knows what they can do. (Dathan: Does this mean I get free access to the video games?)

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Chapter 1

        She first opened her eyes at 16:00, they’re a metallic blue a magnificent color for a type A build. She was built for accessing codes, background information, and apprehending criminals mankind cannot control. “Take C-52 in for testing, I want to know what she knows, what she sees, and what she does.”
        “If she doesn’t do what you like sir?” a man in a lab coat asked, he had dark brown hair, green eyes, a weak build, and wore an expensive watch on his left wrist.
        “Turn her into scrap metal like her father.” The other man said, head scientist of the division. Father, that word was like a riddle to her. C-52 looked around to view her surroundings, white laboratory walls, with bright blue lights shining directly onto her metallic skinned body keeping her still on the cold metal table. To her left, a large window, behind the window people were talking to one another, glancing at her briefly before continuing the conversation.
        “Get up.” The man in the lab coat said firmly, pressing a button causing the blue lights to fade quickly. She slowly raised up then proceeded to follow the instructions given to her. “Do a background check, explain everything thoroughly.”
        She stared blankly, codes began to appear that only she could see. Scanning them quickly she spoke “Matt Donnelly, age thirty, born in Wisconsin, parents named Garcia and James. Wanted for murder, and kidnapping.” She began to feel emotions, emotions if she spoke she’d be terminated for. She understood the situation of what was going to happen, she saw it.
        “Hologram.” The man demanded, she followed his instructions and created a holographic clone standing next to him. A vision appeared, a memory of a girl falling to her death, the girl she once was.
        “NO!” she screeched; the girl had beautiful ginger hair and blue eyes. She had pale skin, a few freckles on her face. She began to get aggressive, started destroying things around her. “You killed me!” she trashed everything and made a break for the door. She used her robotic arm to break it down, fighting her way to freedom. Visions, visions of her past kept creeping into her vision. Who was she, why was she here, who was she meant to be?
        She jolted awake from the nightmare that was her weeks before she escaped and freed. She was now laying on a newspaper in an alley, trying to keep hidden from the dangers that lurked around the corner. She scanned the area before she got up and brushed off her technology. “It’s been weeks, and I’m still having nightmares about idiots trying to change me.” She walked up the alley way to the street and put on a black hoodie to hide her robotic limbs. People passing her would often give her weird looks, before looking away leaving her to their business, until one man bumped into her and dropped his phone.
        “F'UCK, I was talking with a- oh I’m sorry I didn’t mean to bump into you my name’s Dathan you?” he bent down to pick up his phone when he noticed something odd.
        “I- my…” she scanned the internet finding names that would be great, she saw the name Arian and quickly spoke “Arian! My name is Arian.”
        “Huh, never heard that- YOU’RE A GINGER JUST LIKE ME! Finally come here I’m taking a picture and sending this to my sis!” he wrapped an arm around her, smiled, then took the picture. In the picture showed her robotic tissue, causing panic. “No way, are you what I think you are?”
        “Um… no, I’m not what you think I am, I’m just a regular human being like everyone else.”
        “Holy shit you’re like an actual cyborg from the D.C Comics!”
        “D.C Comics?”
        “Yeah, you know Superman, Batman, a superhero universe where one of the superheroes in the teen titans is a cyborg.” He pulled up her sleeve and started squealing “You’re even greater than I imagined! All this software in newer future ware, the government was holding back from us how’d you get it.”
        “uh- I”
        “Wait…. I can’t believe that they would actually make a cyborg! For years they’ve been trying but they failed until they made you!”
        She scanned him for information he began to speak “Dathan, you need to listen I need to get off the streets, they’re looking for me, if they find me who know’s what’ll happen.”
        “Sweet, I get to have an actual cyborg in my house! I’ve never been this excited except for when I discovered this new game was coming out.”
        “DATHAN I need to get off these streets!”
        “Alright, alright follow me.”
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