Worlds I have created

Worlds I have created

Basically, this is what the title says. What? Not enough? Cause the truth is, I don't know how to describe them. Are they past or future Earths? Other planets? Alternate universes? NO ONE KNOWS!

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Chapter 1.


This is the setting for mostly non-Qfeast stories. The current regions are:

Ossirian States: The main hive of activity in Soren. Made up of seven regions, each with its own capital.

Forest of Trihl: A forest of mainly beeches and oaks. Those who live there tend to be down-to-earth, unambitious, hardworking and nature-loving.

Aiwenor: Kingdom of the South. A significant portion of Soren, presently ruled by the young, mysterious Narween.

Numir's Cove: A state in Aiwenor, famous for its annual horserace.

The Reed, the Knot and the Quiver: By the side of Wolf's Paw River, protected by the men and women of the Guilds of Hutris and Lorena.

Grail Chasm: Two cliffs connected by a heavily-guarded bridge. Home mainly to barbarians.

Forest of Ruen: Home to star-readers and rune-makers who believe it to be pure, sacred ground.

Niquetil: Coldest part of Númendor. Few live there, but a lot of people come on hunting trips or to gather plants. Contains many wolves.

The people of Criulari are extremely diverse and unique. They include:

Ossirians: While the Ossirian States contain many travelling blacksmiths, fletchers and hunters trying to sell their wares, most citizens are middle-class permanent residents.

Moírae: A race of highly spiritual people, often prophets or astrologers. They dislike the materialism of the Ossirian States, and often live in quieter areas.

Quivers: From the "Quiver" by Wolf's Paw River. Descended from warriors, they are stocky and broad-shouldered, but are rather passive people nowadays.

Reeds: From the "Reed" by Wolf's Paw River. No specific careers, but tend to have pale eyes and skin.

Knots: From the 'Knot" by Wolf's Paw River. Living right on the banks of the river, they are mainly fishers, and tend to have curly hair.

Many people in Criulari worship the Eight Divines - a pantheon of four gods and four goddesses. They are:

Gudea, goddess of fire, knowledge and teaching
Rutah, god of war, emotion and light
Kyphion, goddess of courage, journeys and luck
Numir, god of dreams, water and trickery
Cadione, goddess of earth, change and leadership
Boanke, god of prosperity, health and deep thought
Lorena, goddess of the dead, truth and revenge
Drem, god of air, the hearth and family

Others worship the Heart, an omniscient, god-like being that supposedly lives at the center of the planet and gives knowledge, both true and false, to mortals.
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