Lily the Tiger

Lily the Tiger

Liliana was a normal girl before but she had one family member, no friends, and had no happiness. Later in the story does she find happiness! She meets people from another world! This is her story.

published on July 26, 201518 reads 7 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.
The beginning

The beginning

I was going to mama and papa's job. Her twin brother, Kyo, was running along side me. We were so happy. We acted like we were normal. I was actually half tiger deamon. So was Kyo. We had normal lives, normal friends, and had always growing happiness! Kyo and Liliana always had to compete! This time a race...
Liliana: I told you, you're gonna lose! I'm already winning.
Kyo: I'll win eventually!
Kanon(Mother): Careful you two! Stay where we can see you!
Me and Kyo didn't listen to her. We stopped at the next street to wait for our parents. They caught up. As we crossed the street, Kyo an me oblivious, a car came down the road. It wasn't slowing down. It happened so fast...
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