The Forgotten Ones

The Forgotten Ones

Join three cats on an adventure to escape the dark mind of their creator. Shall they survive or be forgotten to the dust of time. Follow Fallenstar, Cloverleaf, and Riverstone on the longest adventure yet.

published on June 06, 20181 read 1 reader 0 not completed
Chapter 1.


"Where are we?" A female voice asked her two tom friends.
"I do not know Fallenstar." A brown tom responded.
"Why is it so dark?" A Silverish blue tom asked. "It's, unnatural!"
The candle that lights the three up would flick from side to side. The darkness felt like it came closer and closer, The grass was dead, meaning it crunch at the lightest paw step.
Cries of desperate help echoed off the into the darkness and reached the three ears. Horror filled the cats' eyes, not one of them wanted to speak, but one did.
"Are we in the forgotten Ones' Forest?" The brown tom asked.
"I think so."
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