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Alpha Academy Animal Jam Fanfic lolz!
Once upon a time ther was a leopard named Snow and she wuz Greely's daughter, su she went to a school called Alpha Academy to become an alpha! She then mets Rosy and Derp and Doctor and Twinkle an they all go on adventures when...
39 reads 18 readers 10 by reino_blanco
What Would BTS Do If... (1)
Sorry about the misleading title, Qfeast wouldn't let me put in the word "chat" in my title. This is what I think BTS would write in a group chat! (This story is for humor, it is non-canon and I'm not trying to offend anyone) E...
69 reads 28 readers 6 by SlugcatSeagullAghase
This is Cerulean's account right now, anyways. I just wanted to apologize for the stuff I have done. I know some of the stuff I did was assoholic and unforgivable.
19 reads 14 readers 5 by Beachwalk
Hunter's Arrow (Naomi X Artemis story)
Naomi Hickens is a mortal, used as a slave, abused by her Master, and longing for escape. When she meets a group who turn their back on men for freedom, she finds a new meaning to life, and joins them. But things don't exactly ...
193 reads 35 readers 5 by Weiss_Schnee
One last chance to save us. A Shadaria Story
Maria and Shadow have been arguing a lot lately and with the upcoming arrival of their child will they be able to save their marriage or will Maria become a single mum?
45 reads 22 readers 14 by XxMaria_chanxX
Once, long ago, three factions ruled over the nation of Alma. The Kendred, Shedan, And Morphis, each with its own god. Under the fires of an ancient war, the Morphis died off, and their god disappeared. One thousand years later...
531 reads 77 readers 180 by Lightstriker195
This is an UnderTale AU I made up where Mount Ebott doesn't exist, and all the UnderTale characters are imagined by Frisk.
23 reads 20 readers 6 by SillyPantsJackson
Cheon Sung Ji
This is the story of the maknae in Shooting Star's newest girl group, Sugar. (Yes, I stole @Taekook's company, and yes, I got her permission.) You may know the shy girl who doesn't talk too much in interviews/crazy, cheerful ki...
4 reads 3 readers 2 by SlugcatSeagullAghase
Young Forever
Seven friends struggle through life together, swerving dangerously close to rash decisions and pulling through hard times. When one finally gives up...will the others follow? (This is a BTS Theory) Members on the pic (left to r...
40 reads 7 readers 14 by SlugcatSeagullAghase
Company, That's All That Matters [Sonackie Fan-Fic]
Secrets, tears, sadness. It's been shielded in this relationship. But when the shield breaks, when the truth is told, when the secrets are exposed, company is all that matters in the end. Something that Sonackie know too well.
21 reads 20 readers 2 profile storyby Weiss_Schnee
The Wind Wielder
Everyone knows that Jackie the Hedgehog is a recent royal, taking her role as Princess of Winosa. But how did she get the crown? It wasn't at random, oh no; Jackie earned that crown. But what did she have to go through to earn ...
37 reads 21 readers 5 by Weiss_Schnee
The Ultimate Guide to Mary Sues
Have you ever felt that your OC is a Mary Sue? Have you ever wanted to change a Mary Sue into a good oc? This is the book for you!
137 reads 36 readers 14 by breann.west.5
Injuries [Levi x Rose]
Highschool senior Levi Ackerman has cuts and bruises from lost fights, and freshmen Rose Fritz is up to the task of helping him. Warnings: mentions of blood, mentions of fighting, mention of death
36 reads 22 readers 29 by Kanya888
ManicxJade Story
ok u guys asked for it so here it is! and yes i am forcing Jade into this XD Jade: kill me someone please -///-U Manic: heh i like it 83 Jade: 0///0
11 reads 10 readers 2 by JadeTibleam707
Anime One Shots!
Anime one shots...if you don't know what a one shot is...look it up, its amazing
868 reads 57 readers 302 by Prussian_Mistake
A Tough Love (Muzukashi Ai)
This story is about a girl and boy who never get along. They always fight with each other. Later on they are love connections. Will they make up? Find OUT!
173 reads 34 readers 16 by animelover264
Random Qfeast Stories
Just a little fun, thats all. And if you think this story is insulting African-Americans, its not because #1 I'm black, #2 This was made for comedy, not to insult. Also, I recommend to make some requests I can do for my next ch...
76 reads 22 readers 18 profile storyby Obese_Doggo_boi
Sonic B x FanG Storie! ^w^
This is stories of your self being with your Sonic boy you have a crush on! I take request! I think this should be fun and nice, I see my other friends do this! ^w^
102 reads 26 readers 34 profile storyby pikachukitty
My interview with Sonic the Hedgehog
I will be doing this with everyone in the cast. (Amy, Cream, Blaze, ect) so Sonic get out here. ;)
298 reads 39 readers 21 profile storyby Noescaping