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Do you guys know about Mardi gras?
You know. I'm just curious.
4 / 0 by Seggie
Do you think you are a loser?
I know I do! Do you?
110 / 143 by Thug_Life_As_A_Blonde
what is your favourite anime character? (1)
Chihuahua or pug - who is best?
I love both breeds. But who do you like?
18 / 4 by kellygirl2
What is your favourite anime movie? (Not show)
What is you favorite anime movie? Mine would be either spirited away or the Madoka magica movie! (Not the recap movie)
5 / 0 by MagentaHusky
who is this?
do you know who this is ?
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Is anyone a fan of the youtuber The Anime Man?
The Anime Man is a youtuber and I wondered is anyone else here watches him too.
8 / 0 profile questionby TheUltimateWaifu
AVPM or Potter Puppet Pals?
So I was wondering what would YOU rather the Harry Potter characters watch for my new story AVPM or Potter Puppet Pals?Also,what do you like better AVPM or Potter Puppet Pals?
13 / 0 by HermioneGranger24
Sooo everyone :3 what is your favorite Anime~
-3- if you feel like it you can add what its about and why you like it as well :3 thats up to chu~
19 / 1 by Tariyukimew
if you could wield one soul eater weapon for a day and be his/her meister, who would you choose?
well the question is self explanatory -3- just pick your favorite person that turns into a weapon on soul eater owo
5 / 4 by Tariyukimew
What are your top 5 favorite dog breeds?
Anyone else wanting the old Soul Eater back?
Is if just me, or does anyone else want the old Soul Eater back? I kinda miss that one.. ;3; I'm even close to the end of Soul Eater Not! and just stared yesterday.. I really miss the regular Soul Eater and its design; and Soul...
6 / 1 by AquaNoodles
Who's better, Tobuscus or Pewdiepie?
I think Tobuscus is WAAAA(1 hour later) AAAA-well, you get the point; WAY BETTER! If you like Pewdiepie better I will punch your face through my computer.
13 / 6 by gonebitches
What's Your Favorite Fantasy Television Show?
We all have those cool magical shows we love to watch. What's yours?
7 / 8 by MysticalScribbles
Have you seen the devil is a part timer
the show is set in morden day, it happens after the devil, or his human name Sadao Maou, lost his powers and now lives as a part time fast food worker. He lives with his servent in an apartment, with his enemy, Emilia the hero,...
5 / 2 by Icelandpatha
Who is your anime crush?
Who's your anime crush? I rather not say mine...U///D///U
13 / 4 profile questionby aeipathy
What is your favorite type of pie?
I like blueberry, apple, and pumpkin-pecan.
14 / 28 by cracked_stardust