top ten hardest riddles

top ten hardest riddles

hey guys, like i said i would take the most voted quiz from my poll and make it so here it is. hope you enjoy and lets go for 4 stars and 3 comments. enjoy.

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Jack's mother has 3 kids. one is named April, second is named Cay, what is the third child's name?

what goes down and comes back up?

there are 2 men, the are both facing the oppisite way. one is facing east and the other is facing west. how do they see each other?

a lady shot her husband, dipped him underwater, then hung him up. after they had a nice breakfast together. how is that possible?

your running a race, you overtake the person in second place. what place are you in now?

your running a race, you overtake the person in last place. what place are you now?

i have no flesh,feathers,scales or bones, but i do have fingers. what am i?

it is as light as a feather, but you cant hold it for long. what is it?

there were three men on a boat. the boat tipped over and no single man got wet,how?

the more you have it, the less you see, what is it